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On Witch Hunts and Collusion: What Is This "Truth" Of Which You Speak?


On Witch Hunts and Collusion: What Is This "Truth" Of Which You Speak?

In blessed synchronicity, on the day the Deranged-Liar-In-Chief issued yet more wild whoppers in response to the New York Times leaking 49 questions Mr. Mueller would sure like to ask him, news came of a related milestone in his very awesome reign: Trump has now told 3,000 lies in 466 days. And he's getting better at it: He now averages nearly 6.5 lies a day, up almost 33% from his initial 4.9 lies a day. One more time: This is not normal.


Excellent article, and good reason to abstain from voting, or vote third party if you live in a swing district. Only by letting Republicans hold Congress, stack the judiciary, and ultimately permit a president to accept money from overseas fossil fuel oligarchs in exchange for favors and debt settlement, will a true progressive politics emerge. Just like in Russia, just like in Turkey. I hear it right here at Common Dreams all the time.


Bear in mind: these are the public falsehoods. The private ones he tells around the White House, the ones for which his staff calls him “moron”, “idiot”, and “shithead” never make it into the count.

(Come on, don’t tell me you never called your boss names!)


Synergy is a hard sell. Look at what rage, greed, pure doublespeak truth bending and tribalism has given us. If you elect and march with and applaud a; racist, bigot misogynist xenophobe you are a; racist, bigot, misogynist, xenophobe. You can’t sit in judgement of anyone else. We have become a self-righteous global joke preaching from the pulpit built on nuclear bombs. We are being governed by a minority selling tribalism, rage, bigotry, xenophobia, sexism and hate. In exchange, we were given pennies and then charged for groveling to pick them up. This false prophet will probably be nominated for permanent king for that false NK issue as we sit in drooling admiration of an idiot in chief.


Why are we still playing the same old Swan Song? The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming.

Clinton,: 65,853,610 votes
Johnson: 4,154,084
McMullin: 732,273
? 453,880

Trump 62,985,134

WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? This a self-created and archaic problem, not to mention the superdelegate scheme.


I have read elsewhere that “it” is our savior. Good gawd this is not normal. Trying to live in this post-truth era is a wide awake nightmare. Again, This Is Not Normal!!!


“We” elected the trump? The election was a farce, but the majority did not elect him.


Vachement bien, mon vieux


This is the nineteenth-century flaw in our system and we peach redemption to the world. If you want your head to really spin out of control read article 11 section 1 of the constitution. It is the quintessential definition of convoluted and cuckoo. Doublespeak in spades. We are a global joke.


A link for any interested in parsing the text


Yes he lies like crazy. BUT, this article just said the Washington Post fact checked him for truth, and, accused him of fake news. - Cause they’d know about that kind of thing… I call hypocrisy and liars all around.

Extra points for this article acting like the DNC-invented fake news that Russia hacked our election is true. No, Hillary really was so bad that trump beat the margin of DNC voting fraud fixes and became president. Wasserman Shultz and HRC should be in jail for all that fraud. It was so bad I voted non-dem for the first time in my life. I voted Stein and I’m not coming back. You guys that think you can fix the DNC - happy super delegates. Remember, the people’s delegates voted Sanders and were over-ruled by built in corruption(corporate super delegates.)


Our entire foreign policy is based on the obvious lie of 9/11. We accept the biggest lies without question and attack those who point out obvious scientific impossibilities in the official conspiracy theory. The American Government has been running on lies forever.

Trump didn’t invent lying, he’s a product of the lies of the Democrat Party trying to get a walk over opponent for the one they were cheating Bernie to run. Anyone with a brain understood the empty huckster his is, but CNN and MSNBC preferred his empty podium to Bernie’s words.

We Americans like lies and liars or we wouldn’t return them to office with such regularity.

When an industry tells me that recognizing the impossibility of fire induced building collapses near the rate of free-fall, or the impossibility that an airliner could fit itself into a 16 foot hole in the Pentagon, or when I doubt that an airliner could crash in a field and leave no recognizable human or plane debris makes me the nutcase they have no standing to judge lies.

Our masters rule us with lies, and we like it that way.