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On World Food Day, Celebrating the Power of Regeneration


On World Food Day, Celebrating the Power of Regeneration

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As environmentalists, humanitarians, and farmers from around the globe celebrate the 35th annual World Food Day on Friday, sustainability advocates are heralding the capacity of organic regenerative agriculture and agroecology to address wide-ranging challenges from climate change to public health to hunger.


Wouldn't such activity upset Henry (“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”) Kissinger? Let's do it!


Industrial agriculture is a threat to humankind. The Monsatan model of industrial ag is about control and profits, not about sustainability or agrarian cultures/societies maintaining self-sufficiency, but about domination. Patented GMO seeds must be purchased annually. Wind-born pollen from them pollutes the genetics of other varieties. Monsatan has a ruthless program to sue farmers whose lands, crops and seeds have become contaminated with Monsatan GMO genetics.

Chemical pesticide-resistant engineered seed is deadly to humans and animals great and small.

"For centuries—millennia—farmers have saved seeds from season to season: they planted in the spring, harvested in the fall, then reclaimed and cleaned the seeds over the winter for re-planting the next spring. Monsanto has turned this ancient practice on its head".

Monsatan is a corporate parasite, not a savior or beneficial influence that furthers sustainable ag.- thay are about greed-driven dominance.

Monsatan and other merchants of chemical agricultural death, like Dow AgroSciences, must be destroyed if sustainable ag and genetic diversity of numerous varieties are to survive!


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And 90% of the food fed to slaughterhouse-bound animals is lost in urine and feces. Why support an industry that operates at 10% efficiency?


90% of all corn is gmo, thanks in large part to Bill Gates, large shareholder in Monsanto. Its getting hard to find organic corn locally.


The fact that land laws in the US are STILL based on 14th century concepts derived from the Christian Doctrine of Domination (Discovery), which forces the premise that indigenous native peoples are 'wards of the state', is an historical legacy that many on this thread are aware of. It renders, equally destructively, the absolute necessity of diversity of wisdom of land stewardship a 'ward' of a monetary system based on institutionalized celebration of the greed of colonization for centralized power of extractive wealth.
It twists the idea of stewardship response-ability into a front-loaded (derivative in reserve) construct now virtually, totally defined in terms of 'production' in terms of speculatory power. Within the conceptual system of GDP, as Vandana Shiva and others so consistently document, the vast spectrum of actual health and well being, essential to life on the planet, is largely eliminated from this set of metrics.
The web of life, subjected to a laughable were it not so tragic pre-scientific, denatured and dehumanizing methodology of social political control constantly finds aspects of the dysfunctional, systemic demands shoved into the conceptual 'reservation' model. This most recently typified in deplorable silos like the TTIP et al. Make no mistake, these distortions, which rationalize(d) genocide, the removal of human beings from living webs of life, and dependent on enslavement for its brittle and toxic, front loaded extraction maintained as 'profit margin' are what inform today's methods in the bloated and total disregard for the millions of tons just of waste of food alone, in all forms, at every stage.

I would assert that human beings are and have been in a state of grieving without fully knowing it. Now virtually exclusively defined by the system as 'links in the chain' by its antiquated yardsticks, remain inextricable from social relationships with each other, and ultimately inextricable from daily recognition of the soil, water and air, and all aspects of life so long 'marginalized' for 'profit margin' arguments.
Because so many aspects of the 'system' are secreted, obscured, not comprehensively taught in our schools, many of us are unable to identify the voids imposed and the consequences of the stunningly narrow systemic brittleness that causes commensurate, compounded suffering. In our bones we know that a system that excludes, usurps the necessity of human learning and thriving for a failed abstract based on precisely those metrics must continually force 'consumption'. In massive PR campaigns it slathers the grease of a self-identity as 'consumer' in what amounts to a veiled hauling of projected 14th century tropes of full spectrum 'cannibalism/anthropophagy' as the unspoken but increasingly identifiable metrics for the newly coined 'anthropocene' era.
Over this span of centuries the institutionalization of linear 'chaining' of 'production' has always 'externalized' the cost of dehumanization, domination of the natural balances of exquisitely evolved natural systems, paths and perceptions. This construct will never be able to escape the natural consequences of the full spectrum of feedback loops it generates and to which it is also subject, despite all 'technological' and legal claims to the contrary.
The conceptual narrowness has over the centuries become so inbred, so rife with deformations as to make its originary failings the dominant distortion demanding domination by death mechanisms to replace all that it historically claims 'does not exist'. The predominance of the void, the 'nullis' as its historical margin imposed on social perceptions, methods and laws reads as a scrambling (in all senses) to escape the incoherence it pathologically simultaneously demands be implemented and denied, just as it denies that this results in collapse.


You are right on both accounts. America always thinks that bigger is better which is not the case. All these endless mergers between huge companies make things worse for the people. Bigger hamburgers, bigger soft drinks, bigger and larger agricultural companies like Monsanto make no one's lives better. All they do is make people fat and give people cancer.

Then we throw too much food away because someone decided that we should all have perfectly shaped fruits and vegetables. If it is not perfect it gets dumped. Even the poor people do not get to eat the lesser shaped food because they say it costs to much to distribute. Dumpsters have locks - can't see all the stuff that gets thrown out.


Yes, and I'm afraid Gates is one of those - inevitably as it's made him so much money - a blind faith believer in technology, no matter what. Unfortunately, corporate power here in the UK is equally as 'persuasive' when dealing with politicians, though resistance to GM foods is still strong, and in Germany likewise. However, if they get away with the TTIP deal then God knows where we go next. Even the BBC has been strangely - suspiciously? - silent on that one, even taking little notice of a huge public demonstration against TTIP in Berlin recently.