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On Zinn and An Aroused Citizenry


On Zinn and An Aroused Citizenry

While we await Kavanaugh's impeachment - and after a spurious swearing-in that deemed him "proven innocent" of "a hoax" enacted by "evil people" - we take succor from a prescient Howard Zinn, who years ago called out the distinction between law and justice. Citing the hypocrisy of the "pious veneration" of an infinitely flexible "rule of law" always attuned to politics, he reminded us, "The courts have never been on the side of justice...unless pushed by the people."


“This too shall pass. I’ve had kidney stones, so I know.”
–Lee Hays (of The Weavers)


I strongly believe that the 5 pro-corporatocracy-plutocracy-oligarchy & anti-democracy - anti-common-people judges on the Supreme Court should be required to wear black masks & black hoods to match their black robes & their black hearts & their black intentions!

And they should be required to hold long scythes on long black poles (like the Reaper of Death) – and be required to hold signs that openly warn:

"Behold, We bring the Death of Democracy! All who enter here – Tremble with Fear & Despair!"


So said the Sexual Predator-in-Chief to the Sexual-Predator-Perguror-in-Chief “Justice”. Insufferable!


Howard Zinn wrote this “call to arms” essay about the Supreme Court in 2005.

Please read it!


An aroused citizenry?

I wonder if the percentage of eligible voters who actually turn out in November will cross the 45% threshold.


Skeptic, the answer to your question is that no matter how many or how few turn out, they (the few that turn out and the rest that don’t) will render their decision on both Kavenaugh and Trump. The essence of Zinn’s thought is disproved by the fact that in Kavenaugh’s case, the Constitution was followed and now those who were not satisfied with the result have their chance to democratically express their discontent. Stand by because in four weeks we will have the results by a democratic process as required by the constitution.


HI SaveDemocracy_Savelife:
I think that the Spanish Inquisition and the Puritans and the English with Joan of Arc pretty much did enough of that that in " wearing black to death," along wit the Christians ripping off Hypatia’s skin with seashells in ancient Alexandria. Actually black is the color of Justice in most nations…I suppose you could go with the hoods, but the KKK did that ti death with white. Although the BLACK DEATH of Justice seems like its heading our way! : 0


Hi stardustIBID,

I “just” want the “Roberts 5” anti-democratic, anti-common-people judges (I refuse to call them “justices”!) – to appear to people as they actually are.

I don’t want the common people to have any illusions that the Roberts 5 judges will give the common people true & full justice 90% or more of the time.

I want the common people to know that we need to protest & pressure the U.S. government into being just – otherwise the 1%ers’ government will never give the common people justice “on their own.”

If the past 50 years continue into the next 50 yearsI fear U.S. democracy will be dead by 2100.


HI SaveDemocracy_Save Life;

I agree with everything you said, except I like saying WE the People, instead of “common people,” because that sounds so old England----: ) Howard Zinn is always right, and I learned a lot from his," People’s History of the United States I wish he was still alive and writing .

Don’t forget the joke with "justice"is that it’s pronounced JUST US. I have no illusions about this court of any other—as JUST US seems to be quite a wide spread virus. : )


“Kavanaugh “stoked the fires of partisan rage and male entitlement” with “a witches’ brew of vicious unfounded charges.””

I think he good Dean might be confused as to who was making vicious unfounded charges. That, or he’s trying to “rectify” the past.


Damn…Right on Target

So What does One Do when Faced with such a Violence

Withdraw, Breathe, Center, Listen.

The Truth will Always Reveal Itself

Like the Fall Line on a Slope or a Rabbit to its Hole. Swift is the Revelation

Now Let Go of Desire and Embody Compassion

It is a Rescue, Not a War

And Our Patient is Quite Sick. We Must Act to Heal.

And NO, You Can’t Kick Just a Few People’s Asses First


I’m with Zinn.
Legal system does not equal justice.
Legal system is state apparatus yet unamenable to democracy.
Legal system is a Roman fabrication, imported into the kingdoms of Europe, and transferred into nascent ‘democracies’.
Authoritarian rulers have acquired the divine right of kings, and exploiting the legal system protects their interests while denying ours.