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Once Again, Democrats Are Blowing It on Middle East Peace


Once Again, Democrats Are Blowing It on Middle East Peace

Stephen Zunes

n the waning days of the Obama administration, House Democrats dealt a shocking rebuke to President Obama’s moderate foreign policy legacy and effectively endorsed the incoming Trump administration’s hardline views on Israel.


This is no surprise to anyone paying attention, as the best way to succeed in Washington is to be wrong, over and over again.


Dems aren't "blowing it" they're doing exactly as they have done for decades - betraying our national interests to serve a foreign power. The Democrats are perhaps even more corrupted by Israeli subversion and treasonous Americans who hold first loyalty to a foreign power - the very definition of treason.

12 sellout DINO Dems voted against the big-pharma bill to serve and provide the quid-pro-quo for campaign-contributions - Booker, Menendez, and others also serve the pro-Israeli lobby as well as big-pharma - both actions are betrayals they must pay-for, and if other "Dems" don't call them out and shun their perfidy are guilty as sure as the actual perps - there can be no middle road!

When elected officials talk about tampering with or influencing our elections, like the "Russians did it" hysteria/diversion, the main perpetrator of electoral tampering/subversion has been the extremist Israelis and their "Christian" allies - The mix of religion and secular governance is a threat to all citizens.


Oh please,Stephen Zunes--don't you know that the only good Muslims are Saudis and potential Democrat voters in the US? All the others are collateral damage and terrorists! 4 out of 5 Democrats and Republicans agree!


I am shocked!
Shocked, I say!


Republican war crimes exists in order to give Democratic war crimes cover.

Go tell the murdered corpses and their grieving families about the "lesser of the two evils."


Who says that Dems and Republicans can't display some bipartisan unity?


And this is why I feel for Robert Reich and others who seem to think the Democratic party can be reformed. They are just as ignorant, self absorbed, arrogant and conventional as the GOP, they just wear a different color.


"They insist that ending the colonization of an occupied territory can only take place if, when, and on the terms agreed to by the occupying power — and that negotiations with representatives of the occupied must take place without any outside pressure or interference, and without regard to the illegality of the actions by the occupier"

Please, can I have my Empire back? And dammit, no I DON'T want the bloody USA! Too many infrastructural problems and public heath issues to fix!.


Appearing at the Commander-in-Chief forum on MSNBC, Donald Trump said the generals of the U.S. military were “embarrassing” to America.

Trump selects mad dog Mattis for secretary of defense. Mattis wants to make the military more lethal. I guess we didn't kill enough or kill them hard enough and now we need to double down on how lethal we are at killing and destroying. I also believe Trump said this whole foreign policy was a disaster, why double down or make a failure or disaster more lethal?