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Once Again, Trump Attack on Immigrants Rebuked by Federal Court


Once Again, Trump Attack on Immigrants Rebuked by Federal Court

Jon Queally, staff writer

In the latest rebuke of President Donald Trump's anti-immigrant policies, a federal court judge on Tuesday ruled the administration's threat to withhold funds from so-called "sanctuary cities"—which offer modest safer harbor for immigrants and undocumented residents in the face of federal detention and deportation requests—as unconstitutional.


Heard that earlier tonight from the NYT. Trying not to snicker.


Trump's entire campaign was sort of based on him being a dictator and not needing Congress. In his acceptance speech it sounded like there was no Congress. Trump claimed he alone could do everything. tt did appeal to voters who have given up on Congress and believe it anything is going to change it will take what amounts to a dictator but now that Trump is president he and his supporters are faced with the reality that the US has a Constitution and it gives a lot of powers to Congress. So far the court system is functioning and Trump has gone along. But will we reach a point where he refuses to follow the courts and places himself above the law? This remains a dangerous situation given what we know about Trump.


Unfortunately, this issue will wind its way through the court system, with trump's illegal acts being decided against until it reaches the SCROTUS, where the verdict will be 5-4 for trump.
* Why do you think the Repugnants wanted that fifth fascist on the court?


Just how would he do that? Fortunately, he does not have a private army (and what he has he doesn't know how to use). That was the whole reason for the threats against the sanctuary cities.

And @minitrue, I'm not so sure Roberts is that reliable to just go along with what a djt wants. He may be ideologically conservative, but the decision on the ACA mandate shows that he actually believes in the Constitution and the separation of powers.


He can do better than that. He is the'Commander in Chief' of the US armed forces, which he just bribed with a 54 billion dollar raise.
If they follow him against the constitution remains o be seen. In the present "corporations above all" climate, nothing despicable is impossible.


Still comes down to individuals raising weapons against their neighbors. Not going to happen on a wide scale, and if it happens on a small scale, the backlash will be horrendous.


WH counsel, Don McGahn's head is exploding...hide the WH China and prepare a 10-martini lunch for him. He is the supposed legal mastermind behind DJT's EO's, with immigration edicts his pride and joy. Justice prevails and the malevolent malcontents (including McGahn and DJT) have to go back to their drawing boards.