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Once Ahead by 60 Points, Clinton National Lead over Sanders Has Dwindled to Zero


Once Ahead by 60 Points, Clinton National Lead over Sanders Has Dwindled to Zero

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though all political eyes in the U.S. are now focused like a laser beam on Tuesday's New York primary, the national trends remain startling when it comes to the intense competition between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.


This poll is also a landline-only poll, which tends to under-predict Sanders' support.


Very good point. How many young people do you know with a landline?


Soon there is going to be a crossing point and then HRC's graph will continue it's downward path as will senator Sanders, on the opposite directions.


I gave up on AT&T land line 8 years ago, still not a bad idea to have as back up had it not been for their greed based rates.


Her numbers are in deClinton!


Your probably right about that.
I'm 65 and still use a landline, have never had a cell phone.
Come on people of New York, make this old 60's hippy proud!!!!


We are middle aged and we don't have a landline either. How many modern people have landlines is the question, I guess.


Yes, I wonder what the polls would show if they were based on cell phones?


I do (and a dial phone to boot, though I rarely use it.)


Speaking of delegates, how many of you are Bernie delegates?

I am,


Clinton has 469 super delegates to Sanders 31?
Question: why are they called super delegates? Sounds like the wrong name! How about undemocratic delegates because they are pre- selected and seem to have nothing to do with the voters decisions in state primaries.

Bernie acolytes, if Bernie loses the nomination, by a few hundred delegates, this looks to be the reason he could lose.


the more folks learn about Bernie, the more they decide he's the one to vote for GO BERNIE GO!


Of course Fox News had a national poll in the middle of February with Sanders up by 3 points so hold on to the confetti.


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Really, really hope NY spoils ol' Hil's coronation. Losing that state, or even drawing too close to Sanders will be a kick in the you-know-what for the Clinton campaign.


OMG. That is a lie, as far as i know. Sanders said they should have their day in court. How typical. Just lie and by the time the truth gets out, if ever, it's too late. Despicable.


Hillary totally misconstrued Bernie's point when he clearly said that he supported the family's rights to sue and anyone else's (and he basically said that they can do so at their own peril because legal precedent will back the gun manufacturers in that they can't be sued for a legal product that was misused).


I didn't even hear him saying that, so thanks. i remember him saying that he fully supported their right to sue and i thought he said he supported their suit.


The 'at your own peril' thing is my own interpretation of what he said, not his actual words. My apologies if I misled you.