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'Once-in-a-Generation Candidate' for Queens DA Tiffany Cabán Counts Sanders, Warren, AOC as Supporters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/19/once-generation-candidate-queens-da-tiffany-caban-counts-sanders-warren-aoc

This is great, that so many people are entering politics with a real message of change!
And the great thing is—that we were all brought up to believe things about America that are great things—but don’t seem to be true. HOWEVER, people are running now that say—we were told abut that mythical America-----so why not make it REAL! Exactly. : )

I sure hope these new young people will stick to their ideals and not fall into the “ corruption trap.” We shall see. Right now they are too young to do much as far as changing our Justice System run by the old men Cabal. This mockery of a Justice System needs to be thrown out and be rebuilt with real cement, not Mafia sand…They have much to learn.

When anyone is accused of any crime, the Constitution is supposed to assure a speedy jury trial, and competent legal counsel, and exculpatory evidence, with the presumption of innocence and sanity. A.I.,
or Artificial Intelligence can help automate the boring expensive procedural legalities. How hard can it be to create a lawyer app? Government and the Corporate World has the burden of proof.

As a referendum on liberalism itself, this is a bellwether race.

With that many individual donors, Cabán should consider running as an Independent.