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'Once-In-A-Millenium' Flooding Creates 'Otherworldly Scenes' in South Carolina



Good grief. May TPTB please wake up soon. May the media start acting like the watchdog it was intended to be. May we begin the process of turning swords into plowshares, using green energy to do so.


I thought the pope said if we have more children and pray and donate money to his church this wouldn't happen.


Ya know, I hate to say it, but you sound so ... pleading and desperate.... but yet.... it seems you are still minimizing the problem. "Greene" energy, is not going to solve this problem, all by itself.... and don't say, it is a start... The mind set of especially, the American people, is to live the way they have been living for a long time now. As consumers.....and just think. Billions, of sets of renewable equipment.... you mean, that is not going to have any effect on our habitat? or that of other species.?.... Why does it escape so many, that we passed through that easy transition a long time ago.... now, there really are not any good answers..Civilization is a heat engine. Tim Garrett.... until we act as if we are NOT THE BE ALL AND END ALL OF THIS PLANET... we will end it and ourselves.... which we may have already done.


hmm, i was thinking of it as a prayer, but now that you say it, i see that i am desperate. i understand that we are very late to the game and perhaps that fuels my turning to prayer.

i don't see any other alternative besides green energy. there would be an intitial surge of energy use, but once the transition was made, we could begin to bring emissions down.

and yes, we would have to consume less, learn how to live more cooperatively. i believe this is still possible. perhaps i am deluding myself.

you may be right, but it won't stop me from doing what little I can and that includes praying to my own definition of God/Goddess, which is not a man/woman in the sky.

thanks for your insights. :O)


Many, miss my point, which is, Okay we need to use renewables... and then you say, and yes, we would have to consume less... Well, what does that mean?>.. Doesn't it mean we need to put an end to the massive and energy sucking activities like flying, professional sports... and many other types of un necessary activities?... WE can not just say, "consume less." ... then, we do almost nothing.... that is so vague... so someone buys a little less bottled water or they forego buying that counter top appliance or.... I would think we would be in the streets and demanding the cessation of many activities and manufacturing of stupid products... and THE IMMEDIATE SHUTDOWN OF ALL NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS...
Also people who would want to, could start communes... yes communes ... or variations on that... but the best is for communities to gather around each other and to form stable, dependable and self sufficiency so as to forego the grid ....


Maybe we should concentrate on removing waste and to drastically reduce unnecessary toxins and pollutants going into our system. We could use a biodegradable substitute for plastics or at least non polluting/non fossil fuel based substitutes like new ceramics (they are very similar to plastics but aren't fossil fuel based). We need to go to a "paper not plastic" system. Solar and wind powered energy plants (there are new developments in battery storage that are being developed that are game changers) not coal and gas (or oil).

Rather than trying too get people to consume less, we could get people to pollute less instead. Think of a world that doesn't use plastic. We lived that way once.

You are right about how much we do isn't necessary. A Brita type water filtering pitcher and a reusable water bottle is simple common sense but if nothing else, make plastic bottles reusable first (refilled at vending machines that dispense filtered water?) instead of buying a new plastic bottle each time.


yes, there are many details--many of yours i agree with--cooperative living, at least a coming together of local communities to form life=sustaining practices. would love to see the shutdown of nuclear plants.

if i'm going to dream, i'd like to see the MIC reined in--that alone would bring down emissions substantially.

but i also am realistic. i cannot always drive or take the train to see my grandchildren, although i often do. sometimes i fly. perhaps someday i will move closer to them. but being with my son and his family is very important to me, so i do sometimes fly. i usually offset by buying carbon offsets, but i realize that is pretty ineffectual. Many have to fly to keep their jobs. While I would love to see MIC employees begin to transition to other jobs, I just don't see everyone that flies being able to stop and, as i said, i would like to see the MIC reined in first.

i won't go into a list of what i do--we all do what we can and there are so many variations--some may fit your idea of what takes priority and some may fit mine.

It's refreshing, though, to think about the details of how we contribute or not and perhaps will spur me to include something new.


Yes, Yes, Yes...flying, as an example YES...shutting the MIC, they use more energy transporting troops all over the globe than??? how many feet does a tank get per gallon of fuel??? get the biggies first and then go for the counter top items...Trains???Planes??? how about them big tankers on the sea??? a 3 masted schooner looks mighty pretty sailing...there is no reason to travel fast anymore, there is nowhere to go, my father's family, farmers, lived for 4 generations in one house, farmed the land a stay-cation...grinning, I got your point :smile:


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And whatever happened to the turning water into wine bit? Can you imagine how many bottles of wine we could have gotten out of that flooding?


Remarkable: Amy Goodman pointed out that coverage of this flood on ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN failed to mention climate change or global warming, even once or in passing. Simply amazing!


The fact is that we dodged the bullet yet again. Sure we have severe flooding. Everyone is shocked - the pictures are astounding and all that.

In my opinion... this was benign. This was no big deal. We lucked out. This one was easy. Had this storm not headed out to sea it would have been a whole different story. It would have freakin' washed the damn capital out into the Chesapeake and turned New Jersey into a mud pie and New York City into a really hard place to find a parking space. Holy sh*T with a capital T. So we got damn lucky this time.

How long will it be before another big one hits? Most likely one will hit within a decade. It might be within five years but it could be next year even? I think a seriously big one will hit within a decade. I fear that a big one will hit in just a couple or three years though.

One way or the other... the big ones... the freakin' killer storms are coming... hopefully saner heads than the republicans will take notice that this storm wasn't all that many years since Sandy and Sandy wasn't all that many years from Katrina.


Some of your ideas are along the lines I'm thinking.... but the real deal, is to STOP PRODUCING ON A MASS SCALE..... that is the whole point of a real revolution in our culture... mass production using anything, is the problem... using paper... no, that is not the answer, our forests are almost gone now... it's our mind set that has not change... I am sorry, but, we need to be almost 100% home sustainable, meaning people really do LIVE AND WORK FROM HOME.... there are very few careers I can see saving .. that are worth saving. When say sustainable, I mean if you are no going out to work, you don't need a car, you do not need to buy food out, you do not need to bag up you food daily to take to work... this is just a small sample.... How can we keep this money oriented economy and expect to make a difference, I am not a fan of doing some tweaking here and there and still keeping our comfy life styles.... you can refrigerate, using two very large clay pots, one smaller than the other, with ice in between or by using an old fashioned ice house...
think about it... are we really going to keep fixing up our homes with pretty paint and vinyl siding and fancy counters, shipped in from who knows where... and gee, I can't begin to explain how different we need to live.. yes, we have to go back way back... BUT, with a mix of SOME modern necessities... GOING BACK CAN BE FIGURED OUT so that it is not completely in tolerable.... and we work out a way to still do medical care... have hospitals... have good education, but with some home schooling because parents will be home more... no one would have to travel any where near as much as they do now... even for groceries... someone in the community would have sheep or lamas etc... for making yarn... and we would keep our clothes for a long time instead of people buying something new like almost every month or more...and so, let me say, all of this description is only a vague skeleton... of course I do not have all the answers, but what I am getting at is a concept of how we should be living... extremely frugally and close to the earth... what we have now is insanity.


I do understand about your need to fly... perhaps, your son and his family could or would move back with you, if things get bad enough or the other way around...OR... We could demand a reigning in on how much the rich fly around for no good reasons... and then, some of those people who have to fly for their jobs... maybe those jobs should n't exist anymore... like advertising agencies and the fashion industry... I mean, we used to have Taylors in our communities... ( just to show you how modern life doesn't know the old ....I had to use a capital on the word taylor... or ...it did that... the computer takes it as a name...
Your right about all my ideas... I doubt very much any of my thinking or ideas will get used or put into effect.... so, maybe others will come up with some really transformative practices....
That is the key word.... PRACTICES... THE WAY WE LIVE ... has to transform so drastically... and then... we might, might save the planet... however, I still think that we or not all of us will make it...


Thanks, Now how are we going to do this?.... Well, if only enough people out there REALLY UNDERSTOOD WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR US.... maybe, just maybe... we could get people to really WANT TO CHANGE THAT DRASTICALLY... and REVOLT.... quit their jobs, convince their communities to become a sort of tribe and we together, millions, hit the streets and DEMAND that nuclear power plants start the shut down process... RIGHT NOW,,,...


Thanks for the discussion and I love your aspirations!

And thanks for the understanding.

I agree with you and others on here that we need a radical rethinking of the whole structure of "civilization" and perhaps our own lives. I wish us all luck in not giving up, in continuing to find ways to contribute.


Not for you the initiate.

Just wondering if all those God fearing Christians who never seem to fail to vote GOP, will be sending Lindsey Graham and Gov. Haley, et al, begging at the public trough (he voted against the aid for Sandy) to provide for the losses of their constituents.

No doubt the climate change deniers won't even consider if a warming Mother Earth might have been a factor in the "Thousand Year Flood?"


Let' hear a comment from the owner of that submerged house on Glenhaven street. It might not sound so glib, so know-it-all.
Today I took the bus. (I no longer have or want a car). I asked one person whose car was idling needlessly, to please turn off the ignition.
It starts with understanding that we (i/you possibly) need to give someting up. Depending on the extent of our (my/your) imagination, we might actually think in larger terms, terms possibly Global?
Read: Apology to a Whale: Words to Mend a World from WingsPress.com. ‬


Maybe someday when there are so many people on the planet and resources are stretched to the absolute limit then perhaps a regimented way of life where everything is rationed and spartan will be the result. That future dystopia is far away as yet. In the meantime we could do much of what you say and I think we will or rather that we could if we apply pressure in the right places. The 'paper or plastic' becoming paper only no plastic. At some point it would then become 'paper of reusables" and then finally only reusables. Someday.

We could make Spaceship Earth where nothing is wasted if we tried. What we most need is to create products that last like they were 70 or a hundred years ago. I had a history teacher in high school who had these expensive woolen pants that were made decades before and they looked like new. Stylish no, at least not to our teenager eyes but even we recognized that things had changed. Back in the sixties in Idaho I once bought original riveted button fly Levis from an army navy that were actually much older than I was and were actual antiques. I bought WW1 British army pants from an army navy store in NYC. Things were made to last. Everything we buy is in a sense 'fragile'. It isn't designed to break but it isn't designed to resist breaking either. It is precise - designed for the job it does but that's all.

Go to a busy diner and order a meal and look at the plates and cups. Indestructible...lol. We could do that stuff more before we turn people into numbers and everybody looks and dresses the same etc. We should cut out the waste but not the diversity and creativity. Just the waste.

I don't know how people can all work from home. Nor from communes because there will be too many people. If someone has a farm will they be willing to divide their land (be forced to divide it) so that other people can farm a small plot? People drive smaller, better made cars than they ever used to. (except hummers and big SUVs) Years ago in the fifties a car weighed twice as much as it does now. They were tanks. Now they are compacts.