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Once-in-a-Millenium Rainfall Descends on Maryland, Killing 2


Once-in-a-Millenium Rainfall Descends on Maryland, Killing 2

Nika Knight, staff writer

An entire month's worth of rain fell on Ellicott City, in Howard County, Maryland, within two hours late Saturday evening, causing catastrophic flash floods that killed two people and forced over 100 others to be rescued.

The local Patapsco River rose more than 13 feet, according to The Weather Channel. A state of emergency was declared Sunday in Howard County, where the community of 65,000 is located.


Too bad it didn't wash Washington DC down the Potomic River into the ocean !


The carcasses of the Politicians and Lobbyists would pollute those oceans more than they already are.


AP video from YouTube.
Looks like some of the Fukushima tsunami videos.
Cars washed away like so many toy boats.

Raw: Historic Maryland Town Ravaged by Floods


It would be worth the sacrifice!


"Noah? How long can you tread water?"Bill Cosby skit, many years ago.


"...and I'm just gettin warmed up!"--Mother Nature


Floods like these leave evidence in the mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, and streams beds they ravage. Geologists can study the terrain and date the sediments to create a history of the area. From these studies, they can gauge the severity and frequency of major floods in the past — hence your "hundred year flood" and your "thousand year flood" and so on.

With global warming, there is much more moisture in the atmosphere, so suddenly, the thousand-year-flood becomes your 100-year or even a 10-year flood. The old estimated frequencies no longer apply.

To paraphrase Bette Davis, "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride."