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Once Passed, Medicaid Cuts Won’t Be Easily Reversed


Once Passed, Medicaid Cuts Won’t Be Easily Reversed

Jacob Leibenluft

Despite promises that the emerging Senate health bill will moderate the health coverage cuts in the House-passed American Health Care Act (AHCA), the Senate not only is retaining the House bill’s fundamental restructuring of the Medicaid program — a “per capita cap” on federal funding — but is deepening the cuts under the per capita cap beginning around 2025.[1] Because the per capita cap wouldn’t take effect until 2020 and the Senate’s further cuts wouldn’t kick in until f


Only because we Citizens are no longer represented in our own Congress..


Just as Obama's ACA was timed to implement after he won his second term, TrumpDon'tCare's implementation calendar will assure that the GOP continues to control Congress and the White House for at least the next eight years. By then the judiciary will be stacked so full of right wing judges that it won't matter who controls Congress because anybody who can afford to fund a lawsuit (mostly limited to the 1%) will effectively legislate through the courts overturning anything they don;t like.


"Nature hates a vacuum" can be applied to budget cuts and redistribution. Once the hole is created, it will be filled (by tax cuts to the rich in this case). Any budget shift is extremely difficult to reverse because once the money is there for someone else to spend, they invariably will--or they will hide it in overseas bank accounts. We are being set up and locked down into a crisis scenario where it will take a great depression or a big war to undo. At least that's been our pattern in the past, and since McConnell and his flying monkeys seem to all be living in the 19th century, we will probably have the same outcomes as have occurred before.


I really hope you are wrong.


One major issue is the aging population. By 2025 most of the boomers will be past 65. Nursing home costs in my state are over $130,000 per year per person. If we have an elderly population with high morbidity rates and no nursing home coverage it will be a disaster. To care for someone with dementia or other age related illnesses is taxing financially, physically and mentally. The younger generations will have a tremendous burden raising children and caring for elders.
It takes a village as Hillary Clinton once said. And as atomized as American society is there are very few villages left in our country.
We are moving into a time where modern medical care will not be the answer. The answer will be to take the best care of yourself as possible. Farmers markets, not whole foods, fast food, gmo food, corporate food. Exercise not browsing or television. There are millions of Americans who eat junk daily and never voluntarily exercise. There is a massive obesity epidemic. Darwinism is returning and it will be back to mother nature and survival of the fittest. Yes, millions will die. The consequences of illness will be the same as in the wild for an animal. An injury or illness may spell death. Old animals do not last long. Sick animals do not last long..