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Once People Feel the Bern... The Fire Will Not Go Out


Once People Feel the Bern... The Fire Will Not Go Out

Donna Smith

Well, today I am supposed to be writing about all sorts of critical issues like opposition to the TPP, ramping up efforts on climate change concerns, and support for the People's Budget in the House that stands as such a great challenge to the terribly damaging budget resolution the Republican majority supports. Any one of those issues is worthy of a great deal of ongoing attention, and I will get back to them in due time.


Donna Smith, I love you, and I understand that Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) played a big role in getting Bernie to run. But, I have to ask, what does PDA plan to do should Clinton win the nomination? Will the organization break from the Democrats and take up the movement building work for which Bernie is calling?

I urge PDA to use whatever influence it has with the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) to endorse Mr. Sanders and soon, because the CPC will never be able to pass their progressive budget under any other president. Your time spent writing would be better utilized in getting their support for Sanders rather than trying to get support for a budget that can't pass without him.


Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are. - Benjamin Franklin

...and getting that job done will be tough if impossible. Everyone wants to be comfortable. Not rocking the boat is a way of life. Not many want to put it all on the line...to step on toes, much less bitch-slap someone into reality enough to get their attention. You may have to bypass those folks altogether on your way to the streets.


This movement, this acknowledgement of our common reality and plight, did not start nor will it end with the Sanders campaign -- or the Sanders Presidency. We struggle because we have no choice. Every year it seems that consciousness and the rebellion against this juggernaut of destruction grows.

If I were a believer in deities, I would pray that Sanders takes Michigan by a wide margin. I think there is a good chance that will happen but this movement and this struggle will continue regardless. I believe in that.


Most people are reluctant to do anything that feels like rocking the boat because they have been led to believe that even a little boat rocking can get you thrown off the ship to drown.

It's not fire most people are feeling, but fear. But organizing and running a slate of candidates just might work if it were to go on in the majority of the cities, counties, and states who have elected officials, and if the candidates were in communication with each other and support each other so if some could actually take office, they could enact and vote as a blok.


How can the 99%'s downward spiral be reversed when Clinton's success in primaries and caucuses confirm an epidemic of Stockholm Syndrome in many states ?


Why not change your screen name to sub-human... since you delight in putting out the fire of hope and change.


The answer is rescinding the legislation (passed by Bill Clinton) that allowed a handful of major broadcast companies to own, control, and direct the messaging of the mass media, i.e. the PUBLIC'S airwaves.

When so much media messaging insists that Clinton is the anointed one, that Bernie Sanders doesn't have a chance, along with so many lies told often... why would the product of such massive deception prove other than self-defeating?

Many here blame citizens/voters/sheeple/Americans when it's a FACT that most people will be influenced by the beliefs that are commonly held and shared. Mass media can manufacture those beliefs and inculcate them. To oppose the power of the mass media is like swimming against the current.

The current must no longer move in the direction of mass deception.

People DO respond (affirmatively) to truth WHEN they hear it. But when lies are told so often that they become the common currency, many can no longer recognize the Truth. THAT is the status of the U.S.A., today. Of course, a percentage of persons who are by nature curious, have lots of leisure time on their hands and the financial capacity to pay for Internet... can and do get the REAL story. But that group remains a minority and some of the poll numbers reflect the "fruit" of mass media's majority-manufactured political positions.


Actually, they don't really need us.
In fact, they would prefer we all stayed home. That's why they're gerrymandering and trying to change election law; then it's just the few that feel it is important enough to vote who will do so. And they'll vote for people who don't give a damn about anyone else but themselves and their rich crony friends. Those are the only folks who can actually run for elected office. Them, and Bernie.
Feel the Bern!


Your idea is a noble one, one that a lot of people here share, but it will take much more than organizing and working within such a corrupt system as ours to get what's needed. Voting will never be enough to loosen the grip of the 1%. It won't be that easy and it will be ugly. Just remember these initials: JFK. RFK. MLK. Malcolm X. And as a kicker; the Kent State Massacre.

Are you ready for that?


George Orwell concurred with you when he wrote: "In an era of universal deceit, anybody telling the truth is labeled radical".


Like the saying that the last refuge of a scoundrel is patriotism; the last refuge of the .01% is assassination.


CI keep wondering like Donna as to what happens afterwards but it is not after the Bern I think about or at least not only that.

I keep thinking about how the mainstream media has so openly rigged the game and tipped the hand of the elites and the ways they exert control through manipulation. I keep thinking about the Democratic Party's use of super delegates whose role has never before been seen so clearly undemocratic.

I keep thinking about how so many people will come away from this shame filled episode with an underlying resentment having found that our institutions and traditional beliefs in democracy and fair play were not taken seriously by the powerful or the press. Many people will have lost what little faith they had in the objectivity of the press and will remember at how little respect it had for the voting process of all Americans. Voting is our sacred trust and duty my ass ... should be the headline about the press when describing the press's coverage of this election.

But in the next decade when climate change really begins to scare even the deniers and skeptics, people will not have forgotten the rigged game or those in power that rigged it. I hope that I am wrong but it is very risky to take away people's illusions about their institutions.

A respect for freedom of the press by the press was one of them. Fair play used to be the way Americans saw themselves (whether aptly or not) and we expected that our press played fair for the most part. Well we used to anyway.

Sure the Wall Street Journal was conservative and the New York Times pretended it wasn't etc but Americans did not have a state run press. Well maybe we do ... An oligarchy run press in any case. Citizens United and the corporate coup...trade deals and data mining ...warrantless surveillance and all the rest is there for anyone to see but we thought of and depended on the press to be America's press... A free press ... A press that reflected us and not their opinions and beliefs. A press not a propaganda machine nor a manipulative arm of the special interests and the elites...

America may have regrets ahead by this election being seen to have been manipulated so blatantly. The young grow strong as the strong grow feeble. Climate change will try men's soul (and women's) in the days ahead. A little trust would have been useful to have on hand but Americans particularly the young will come away from this election with far less trust in their institutions than is healthy.

What is the role of super delegates in a democracy but to take away the power of the people to choose... That is the wrong message to send to elicit their trust.the idea was that the people were supposed to elect their leaders. Well it used to be that idea. Feels different now... doesn't it?


"My mind is on being working class or poor in a nation full of economic
bullies who make it part of their daily lives to behave themselves as if
they are superior and more deserving than all the rest of us."

What a perfect comment!


I agree with everything you say about the consolidation of the media. However, I think the real beginning of the propaganda machine was the removing of "The Fairness Doctrine" by the FCC during the Regan years. It is what started the right wing radio shows like Rush Limbaugh because they did not have to let any other viewpoints air on their shows. Please don't get me wrong, Clinton's hands are very dirty here too.


Both Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley are successful politicians who are in the economic middle class. Hillary Clinton spent a lot of time in the middle class but like some people in the middle class made a lot money and reached the upper class. One reason the middle is shrinking is that many middle class people are making enough money to reach the upper class although most of the shrinkage unfortunately is due to people becoming poorer and dropping out of the middle class. Donna Smith may underestimate the degree to which race divides people in the US. But one excellent point she makes is how banks now discriminate against people with little money. Saving accounts were originally started to make it easy for people to begin to save, which is critical in our type of society. There were no fees on small accounts. Banking was free and you made interest on your savings. Now you have to keep a minimal amount in an account to avoid fees and sometimes even more to get free checking. This is backwards. Any fees should be waved for the people least able to pay and who most need to start saving. You can't force people to save but certainly the local banks should be playing their part in increasing savings by people with little money. Their obsession with charging fees for everything is a disgrace.




She isn't winning votes, she's stuffing ballot boxes, do not be fooled.


I won't argue the point. A premise I introduced to the forum was the idea of planned continuity so that Reagan's anti-govt. mantras translated into the deregulatory craze furthered under Clinton, and Bush's wars abroad were seamlessly expanded under Obama, etc.

Thank you for the input.

Do you perchance have a leash that can be used on post-human?


also have to get rid of or drastically change the innards of the voting machines to get good people in.