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One Budget Line Congress Can Agree On: Spending Billions on the US Military

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/19/one-budget-line-congress-can-agree-spending-billions-us-military

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I watched Drain the swamp last night about the bridge connecting Ohio and Kentucky that needs replaced ASAP as it is a main route that carries billions in commerce via trucking each year and everyone agrees it needs done but it’s said there is no money. A 2 cents a gallon gas tax would fix it yet politicians can’t find it in themselves to legislate fearing election reprisal. Get these useless MOFOS out of here ! The mic budget needs reduced. The Fed conjured about 29 trillion dollars for the thieves on Wall Street using keystrokes yet we are letting our nation deteriorate over toilet paper fiat currency that is plentiful for the 1%. Wake up all. It’s an outrage !!!


This right here, is the single most important reason of all to "dump the Duopoly."


Fossil fuels are simply too, too cheap. A gas tax increase of .22 cents a gallon, with a higher personal tax exemption for individuals up to 60K and families up to 120K, is good economics and good medicine, as well. Coupled to slightly higher dedicated taxes on incomes above these numbers, would signal to the taxpayers Congress is take some iniatives in this regards.
The engineering community says the U.S. needs approximately 4.2 Trillion $$$ in overall investment in the next decade to get the country back on the right track and out of the ditch, so to speak.


Total despicable outrage. I can’t even drink a cup of coffee.

Without a doubt. They cannot agree on the temperature but on arms and weapons they march in lock step. This absolutely shows their true colors: green. When our society is built on weapons and banking, what does anyone expect but horror? We have the horror of Trump. The borrow of greed above all. The horror of selfies. The horror of all reality TV. The horror of Facebook. Yes, I’m blaming banks and weapons.


When it comes to funding of the U.S. military, Amerika is a military dictatorship. Because when it comes to funding and spending billions on the military to protect the vested, world wide, interests of the 1% there are no Democrats or Republicans in Congress, only the two war parties.