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'One Crisis Doesn't Stop Because Another Starts': 2,000+ Kids' Shoes Form Climate/Covid Protest in London

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/18/one-crisis-doesnt-stop-because-another-starts-2000-kids-shoes-form-climatecovid


As throughout history, the wealthy and powerful have moats protecting them and their property and remote retreats to which they may escape as necessary. They are insulated and detached from the realities of day-to-day life. Should they be fought or ignored? The former is emotionally desirable but also draining. Can the latter be pulled off to build a resilient society in which the rich play an ever diminishing role in deciding how people and the planet lives going forward? It would be tough and a lot of cooperation would be required among disparate interests, but the future belongs to those with vision and their progeny. The rich have failed the vision test as they have consistently proven themselves to value clinging onto wealth at most every turn, with a few notable exceptions. The wealth of a Bill Gates however does not endow him with magic powers, such as in a recent article about education. Money power has so perverted the American life that only dramatic social reform can bring about Progress. On the subject of education for a moment, money power decides where and when new schools will be built (where new money is flowing) even as old schools crumble and those entrenched in cycles of poverty get left further and further behind. Social power has to find a means of replacing the money power that has a death grip on society and the planet. There should be two billion kids shoes minimum forming this protest.


Remember back when grade schools were engaged in projects about the trash problem and made displays showing how their towns generated enough trash to fill several football fields?

My suggestion to ER is to add a systemic program to educate the public about plastic pollution to all school districts everywhere. THE STORY OF STUFF is onto this by producing films about trash. The most recent one is called THE STORY OF PLASTIC which is made available for showing to groups via the web page THE STORY OF STUFF. You can facilitate a showing in your community.
All change will originate at the community level since the world is run by “the bankers and friends”


Stupid humans:



Thanks for this article.

Yet another human enhanced (caused?) tragedy unfolding with super cyclone Amphan.
I am one who believes these hurricanes should be named after fossil fuel companies and the people behind them.


“Heatwave hitting Arctic. Massive move down for the ice and much to come this week
3.2C over average
How will leaders “hide” this?” (h)ttps://twitter.com/chriscartw83

Ben See-----(h)ttps://twitter.com/ClimateBen-----Absurdly warm sea-surface temperatures in the build up to a ‘grim’ Super Cyclone disaster.

Let’s talk about Category-5 Super Cyclone #Amphan - Just a monster of a tropical cyclone on satellite this morning. Amphan is the 1st Cyclone of the 2020 Indian Ocean Cyclone Season and it’s an indication of how conducive the Indian Ocean is for supporting big cyclones this year.


We will be scared awake by the nightmarish conditions on Earth.

A small percentage of humans (us) are dissasembling life on this planet what I mean is their actions, beliefs which create their behaviours are very dangerous to ourselves .
They are behaving like children playing with matches.
We are starting to feel the heat to stick with the metaphor …time to take the matches out of their hands .
If we do not do it who will ?
Who will stand on Humanity’ Team ,who will stand for all Life and preserving this planet and the speciesystem to thrive and have a glorious future .
We are not on purpose on this planet we are not civilised.
Time to Awaken The Species.

If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem.
And could we please get someone to throw these shoes at the next trump press briefing?

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They are doing great work in educating folks about plastic but I never hear them talk about alternatives .
They say "stop using "it and "buying it
" but that’s impossible…the problem is that it’s made from hydrocarbons in oil not carbohydrates in vegetable crops .

Yes Caroline, climate heating is taking a back burner now. Glad you mentioned the Indian Ocean:


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NYT had an interesting story linking higher incidence of COVID in a low income community of color to a Marathon petroleum refinery. COVID + pollution + global warming = death.


I don’t think my community is the only one where town-centered movie
theaters are disappearing – they should be used for documentaries like
“The Story of Plastic” and “VAXXED” – for public speaking and as an
alternative Town Hall.

but this article shows us the tragedy of pir own scientists referring to “global” and “world”
threats while being forced to use a benign terms like “Climate Change” –

It is GLOBAL WARMING which makes clear to everyone who reads or speaks of it what is
actually happening to the planet –

And it is CAPITALISM and its exploitation of Nature which continues on at an
accelerated pace which should be attacked – while of course being aware that our
governments are serving the interests of the OIL INDUSTRY – planning new malls
off of our highways and allowing them to take $1.9 Billion of the stimulus for small

of its “Christian” prejudices and hatreds – and its underpinning of Elite/Patriarchy –
which should be under attack. Are our governments truly separated from religion or
does our own Congress represent 4th Century “Christian” views in the majority male
representatives serving there who label themselves “Christians.”

Let’s direct the fight to the real targets – those empowering this continuing destruction
of Nature – and not to the Wizard of Oz.

We also need the very important moment of “connecting the dots” in ways that we are
not hearing from anchors and networks – this VIRUS is certainly connected to exploitation
of the planet/Nature, Animal-Life. And rather than ending it, CAPITALISTS are hastening
their destruction of Nature in order to “Cash In” before it’s too late.

Likely there will be more VIRUSES –

This VIRUS travels, we are told, on POLLUTED AIR PARTICLES which we are all breathing
every day. And with the “shut down” and “stay at home” orders we’ve seen for ourselves the
proof that GLOBAL WARMING is “Man-Made.”

Should we really also add the poisons of a VACCINE to our systems with its risks – or
mightn’t it be better to work for any further generation and insist on the clean up of the
planet in an END TO CAPITALISM.

This is the opportunity right now to continue the “Stay Home” in rebellion against CAPITALISM.
And at the same time to KEEP THE AIR CLEANER than it has been in decades. There are
great consequences to filthy air in illness of our children and our own health.

Just as important, the Arctic Ocean starts out inherently warm every year, with low sea ice extent as usual.
*ttps://nsidc .org/arcticseaicenews/

This means that the spring and summer sun isn’t being reflected back into space by the white snow and ice. Instead the heat is being banked deep in the ocean, which just makes it a bit worse next year.

The Arctic is gradually melting down. The latest paper says that 1.4 to 1.5 trillion tons of greenhouse gases will be released by the meltdown. 416.83 ppm (as of 4/16/20) will go to around 1000 ppm. Then we shall see chronic worldwide agricultural failures.

We’re linked to our kids. We like our kids. If we ever lie to our kids, let it be something personal about our hiding a bad cigarette smoking habit or something from them. Causing anybody else’s death, their deaths, would be an outrageous thing.

So, don’t keep causing deaths. Your kids probably know and it bugs them to no end.

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Yes, it is always there with my daughter (and me—I see everything through the lens of AGW/habitat destruction). To say it “bugs” her is putting it mildly! She carries on as best she can and is learning mindfulness.

Things are gradual until they are not.

Lots of prediction out there and I know you post on this frequently so . . how much time to you think before SHTF everywhere?

I’ve been following the methane too. Keeps things in perspective in a morbid sort of way.

Wheres the morality in this amoral society, that the children become little more than garbage collectors to pick up the pieces of the wrecked world their indifferent parents dump on them.


Never looked at anything that way before. Makes me wonder now about the “big bang”.

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It builds like a toothache. Your dentist has told you that abscesses in your mouth are linked to blood clots breaking off and causing heart damage, and you suspect that the tooth is going to get more and more painful in a while.

I’ll take a wild guess that a completely crazy world could soldier on until about 2060 or 2070 when the lack of food would create just too much social madness and the population would take quite a dive. Having said that, I have faith in mankind’s ability to stare at the prospect of real death in the face and then chicken out of their various wack ideological positions. We’re already seen ministers proclaiming that only going to massed church services would solve covid-19, and then about 30 evangelical ministers got sick and died, and then the survivors started wising up. We’re already seeing winger protesters dragging covid-19 back to their nice communities in Nebraska, Iowa, Virginia, Louisiana is surging again, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Indiana, Alabama and Georgia (in order of today’s immediate threat per capita). Once a few of them die, most of the survivors are going to lose their courage.

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Our ecosystems, the threat of nuclear war should be the compelling reasons to vote out Trump. Then on to reinvigorating a true left across our common home planet.

The only thing I would point out to our youth is that, conscious or not, we have all been “living” under the fear for our collective future when two Atomic bombs were dropped over Japan–Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I remember when the fast food joints were pushed to use “more-or-less” bio-degradable paper products to serve up the grub. Since I don’t eat fast foods I’m not sure if they are still using them but I did see a paper wrapper from Mcs on the street this morning.
I used to be able to find a cardboard carton full of mushrooms and now all the containers are plastic. Those of us who cannot always go to the farmers market and buy in bulk need to inform the retailers and their suppliers that eggs, mushrooms will not be purchased unless they are not incased in plastic containers.

This use of plastic containers to sell food has been re-introduced in order to promote the petro-chemical industries. When I was in Europe during the winter this trend is apparent and the citizens are protesting plastic use in food packaging.

Thanks for your response Paul. Very descriptive, it hurt to read it! But the truth is hurting very much of late.