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One Day Soon, That Drone Overhead May Be Pointing a Taser at You


One Day Soon, That Drone Overhead May Be Pointing a Taser at You

Marjorie Cohn

North Dakota has just become the first state to legalize police use of drones equipped with “less than lethal” weapons, including rubber bullets, Tasers, tear gas, pepper spray and sound cannons. Now, police will be able to remotely fire on people in North Dakota from drones, much as the CIA fires on people in other countries.




All right cut the B.S. with that title. It should say: "One Day Soon, That Drone Overhead Will Be Firing A Hellfire Missile At You".


And then they could fit the drones with special high-intensity laser beams to vaporize homeless persons violating the law by sleeping in public parks. It's called "cleaning up the homeland"


Once again the apparatus of actual fascism is slipped into place under the umbrella of reasonable use. No hellfire missiles - certainly not! To even think such a thing shows that you must be way out on the fringe or on drugs and some kind of paranoid black helicopter conspiracy nut.

Meanwhile as Ms. Cohn ably warns - rubber bullets, Tazers, pepper spray and sound cannons.

You mean is that all?

How thin a line would need be crossed to have these drones fitted with lethal weapons some day?

Everywhere you look 'they' (the 60's definition of 'they') erect the support structure for hard fascism while slowly getting us used to the soft fascism version like 'non-lethal drones'.

Drones that can fire upon American Citizens (they hit me with a Tazer and... heck I worry that my heart may get revenge for a lifetime of multiple donuts at one sitting whenever I get a static shock). Drones that send an unmistakable message that we are less free than we thought we were. That we no longer have rights like once we did. That we may be presumed innocent in court but that attitude will get you shot by police on the streets.

Hard fascism needs drones.

Soft fascism sees no problem with providing them.

"Land of the ____ and home of the ____" Um ... what were those words? I think we've forgotten them.


Look it's all done to protect our freedoms, don't you know? That will include freedom from "thugs" and the government will determine who the thugs are.


Yes something needs to be done to curb the warfare state.


Sounds like "Mission Accomplished (Inc.)".


And what a dazzling array of thugs running for preznit - all hoping to emulate their hero, the previous "vice president."


A couple of years ago, there was a drone hovering over the crowd at the start of San Francisco's annual "Bay to Breakers" run. That could be explained by the Boston Marathon experience, but also noted that when "The Star-Spangled Banner" was sung (a recent addition to the event), there were audible cheers for "...and the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air..."


Drones coming soon to your neighborhood ; especially true if you live in a black neighborhood!


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The quickening of fascism drones on.


Yeah sure... the fantasy vote solution. Why don't you explain to people how a party that got only 160,000 votes (0.3% of the total) is going to beat the republicans? I'm really starting to believe that you are a shill or just unable to grasp reality.


The City of Baltimore has announced a new "PDPD" (Police Department Personal Drone) program . Under the program individual drones will be assigned to all residents. The drones, equipped with real time surveillance cameras, GPS tracking and non-lethal weaponry, will follow each citizen in public spaces throughout Baltimore. Police Chief Kevin Davis said, "Now we'll be able to respond to protect citizens as crime is happening, instead of after the fact. You won't need to call to prevent crimes, the drones will be on duty 24/7."

Asked about complaints that the drones violate privacy rights and will turn the Police Department into "Big Brother" the Chief commented, "We only use the drones in public spaces, except in cases where citizens specifically request full time coverage. My grandmother, for example, said, "Well what if I get robbed in my home? What are your fancy drones gonna do for me then?" So we've set it up so that citizens who want complete any time/anywhere protection can have it. Everyone else will have the same privacy protections they've always had."


Slightly off topic, but could Monsanto use drones to poison fields of farmers who practice organic agriculture and refuse to buy roundup, etc?


On June 28th, a Sunday afternoon, I was trimming my yard and heard a sound. I turned off the trimmer and looked up. It was a Predator Drone, flying just above the tree line, following the road, down to a reservoir. Who ever drove it saw me looking at it because it "hiccuped", paused imperceptibly, and then continued on its way. Freaked me out.I live in southern Indiana.


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There will be a market for drones that can defend us from other drones, drones that will attack our defending drones and drones that will defend our drones from the attack drones and so on to infinity. Won't that be fun?


I think it was Mad Magazine that had an ad for Cow Armor, to protect cows from hunters, and a couple of pages later had an ad for Cow Armor Piercing Bullets. Same idea. smile