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One Democratic Convention Speech Nailed The Progressive Vision


One Democratic Convention Speech Nailed The Progressive Vision

Isaiah Poole

When Rev. William Barber, best known in progressive circles as the leader of the Moral Mondays protests against the right-wing governor and legislature in North Carolina, was brought to the stage at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night, there was cheering from the North Carolina delegation but polite applause from the rest the hall. They did not know who Barber was, and then they not know what was coming.

Ten minutes later, when Barber finished his address, the entire convention hall was on its feet.


Perhaps he should have been the nominee…


It must have been very disconcerting for him to experience the drum beats for more war almost immediately after he left the stage. The resounding chants of USA USA USA!!!


They always have priests and preachers and pastors and rabbis and psalm singers and faith healers at these events. They’re trying to appeal to all the True Believers of all the denominations to try to show that they got God on their side and their candidate. They are trying to touch the yearning hearts of the faithful even though, if what the churchies are doing means anything it’s that The Creator of the Universe is on everybody’s side, has no chosen favorites, and it is left up to the People to decide without specific spiritual guidance.


Did either of you actually listen to Barber’s contribution?


Keep reminding yourself that the abolition movement as well as the civil rights movements had deep roots in the church. (REV. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr…remember?) I myself am quite antireligious and bristle at nearly all references to religion or deities, but this man’s message couldn’t be closer to my beliefs about human hearts and what our democracy ought to look like. I appreciated he spent only a moment of his talk mentioning Hillary. I realize why he was there, but, still, the message was right on point, and very inspiring. I may need no god, but inspiration, that is another story. Otherwise it is back under the covers till Trump gets us all blown to smithereens.


Rev. Barber is invoking the Declaration Toward A Global Ethic, signed by 143 religions from around the world, in 1993. Atheists and agnostics like Rev Barber; hey, he even gave us a shout out. I’ve known of him since Sen. Kay Hagen was " Algored " in 2014. The bigger ???s revolve around which major religions didn’t sign on. My guess it’s the large, money-grubbing, genocidal Death Cult ones. Your guesses may vary.


How do you tell the difference if they have duct tape over their mouths? Besides, it’s for the children. Just ask Tim Kaine.:wink:


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The "S-word: Should. There are so many things that people think “should” happen that aren’t happening and won’t happen. Sad.


Preacher here and preacher there (like Africa)…but nothing gets solved…Time will tell…


Obama celebrated the convention and thanked its corporate sponsors by signing the Dark Act yesterday that prohibits GMO labeling laws.


I’m saddened and shocked to read all the dismissive comments regarding Rev. Barber’s speech, let alone the remarks questioning why he was there. If you’re not familiar with the man’s work organizing opposition to the extreme right in North Carolina you need brush up on your recent history before you comment. The man has a moral compass, unlike most every other speaker at the DNC save Tulsi Gabbard. There are strong Christians who actually take their practice of The Gospels seriously, meaning they advocate for human rights as strongly, if not more strongly, than most members of the so-called political “left” in this country.


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Well, I’m Black, and Hillary does not have my vote! This Reverend deserves the utmost respect!


Ideally, they are there to embarrass the he!! out of politicans.


If you are standing beside Hillary Clinton you are standing beside a war criminal who as Secretary of State repeatedly okayed arms sales to Sudan despite that government employing child soldiers.

Oh, need I add that the Clinton Foundation during that time received large “donations” from the Sudanese government.

Why is nearly the entire planet pretending Hillary Clinton is not a sociopathic war criminal?


It’s the abuse of faith and misdirection of religious institutions that results in the violence. Your slavery example is exactly on point.


Let’s grant Hillary the conditional in her statement of faithful action (which I just heard this morning in a clip; indeed I could not watch the speech in full): “Do all the good you can for all the people you can, in every way you can.” For some of us, that’s an inspiring call to always reach further. For Hillary, I’m afraid it’s a way to get off the hook.


You were saddened? I was saddened to realize how absolutely without substance was Barber’s speech. He held no one powerful to account. He demanded no concrete action. His mere appearance at the convention implicitly endorsed the candidacy of a barbarous war criminal he asked nothing from.

Barber had the opportunity to make history.

Instead, he only gave sanctimonious cover to some of our nation’s most vicious actors.