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'One Down. One to Go': Michael Moore's Next Film to Take Aim at Roseanne and Trump's Shared Racism

'One Down. One to Go': Michael Moore's Next Film to Take Aim at Roseanne and Trump's Shared Racism

Julia Conley, staff writer

Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore warned comedian Roseanne Barr and President Donald Trump that his next film will involve both of them, a day after the president waded into controversy over a racist tweet posted by Roseanne.

On his Twitter and Facebook accounts, Moore posted a video from Roseanne's late 1990s talk show, "The Roseanne Show," featuring both Moore and Trump.

The promos for Moore’s latest film have begun. I am sure there will be many more to come. Some of Moore’s films have been very good although they are largely preaching to the choir. It would seem that a good time to release this film would be shortly before the election in November. That is when it could have a real impact by getting voters angry enough about Trump to go out and vote for Democrats Or if the film is not completed by then is should be held to just before the election in 2020.


What could a film about Trump be titled?

“Full Metal Jackass?”


I haven’t seen Roseann in years, I didn’t think anyone took her seriously. I do think it is an issue that comedians say some pretty awful stuff. One of the producers that quit her show has crossed a few lines as well.

“Full Dinner Jacket?”

If Trump could get his way he would rename the USA into his favorite eponym: Trump.

Okay. There is a vote for the spoiler party.

Post election polling strongly indicates that it was Greens who gave Al Gore his margin of victory in Florida (before he pissed it away). The Greens set up voteswap exchanges, and many Nader supporters dutifully turned out to vote for Gore in FL in exchange for Gore supporters voting for Nader in safe states, and most of those Gore-voting Greens would not have voted for Gore if Nader had not been in the race. So not only did Greens provide Gore his margin of victory, they handed the Dems a working model of how the two parties could cooperate to mutual advantage, and avoid the spoiler effect. It seems like this should have been a particularly appealing option to the DNC Dems because this offered a way to pick up Green votes where they needed them (at the cost of Dem votes where they didn’t need them) without having to make any shift in policy towards accommodating the values and preferences of Greens.

So how did the Dems respond? Not only did they not express gratitude for the Greens help in FL, or even acknowledge the help, they backhanded Greens with the outrageous false accusation that they were really the ones responsible for Gore’s loss, and then went to court to try to get voteswap exchanges declared illegal (unsuccessfully, so the option is still available to them–if they can ever scrape together enough working neurons to grasp how much they could benefit from them).

There may come an election where Greens strip off enough disaffected Dem voters to become a spoiler, but if that ever happens, 100% of the blame for that will be on the Dems. The Greens showed them how that could be avoided, and did all the heavy lifting in trying to build a bridge of cooperation between the two parties, and the Dems responded with Molotov cocktails. If that comes back to burn them later, it will be no worse than what they deserve.

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There is a reason that the Green party is dominated by comfortable rich bourgeois liberals in the gentrified parts of the city. In their comfort and privilege they are not hurt at all by Trumps savagery, so his politics is all just part of a parlor game to them, and their disdain for the only feasible electoral path to defeating Trump and his monstrous friends is just a fashion statement.


Roseanne Barr is a true Artist. I would like to see Cornel West and Roseanne Barr have a two hour discussion on race.-----I will never forget watching MLK and others doing a nonviolent march in Chicago------all the HATE that poured out------we need to understand this hate.

Hmmm yes instead if U,S,A, that would create the nation of T.R.U.M.P.
acronym for :relaxed:The Real Uniformed Mindless Plutocrat.
yeah----that works.

As I recall Nader got about 50,000 votes in Florida. Where is the evidence for this voteswap exchange and what it accomplished?

Green Party people should certainly be concerned about Trump. After they come for the Hispanics, Muslims, African American, Jews, etc. they will be coming for the liberals. If they aren’t concerned they simply don’t understand American politics.

Not sure about the voteswap question but, putting aside the fact that Gore outpolled Bush in Florida anyway, he was ultimately doomed by the 300,000 registered democrats who voted for Junior in the state that year.


What makes you think the Greens aren’t concerned about Dump?
They probably understand the risks of this regime better than most people do.

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I didn’t know that, but I can say I respect the Green platform more than all my decades of voting Dem added together.


Over 97,000.

“Where is the evidence for this voteswap exchange and what it accomplished?”

Remember, a Nader supporter in Florida who did a vote swap would look like an ordinary Gore vote, so the number of votes Nader got in FL says nothing about the number of Gore votes delivered by vote swapping Greens. We do know that there were dozens of such exchanges set up, and one that got shut down in CA had well over a thousand vote pairs for FL already signed up, so we may not know exactly how many votes were swapped, but across the dozens of exchanges it would have easily been in the thousands. And confirmation of that shows up in the CNN exit polling which showed Bush at 49 percent and Gore at 47 percent, with 2 percent not voting in a hypothetical Nader-less Florida race.


So with the Greens out of the picture, Gore would have gone down hard instead of winning. And oh yeah, the evidence Gore actually did win Florida–before he pissed that victory away:

“A Clockwork Orange Dumbass?”

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‘The The Donald’

The only spoiler party I know of is the fascist, neoliberal Democratic-Republican Duopoly Party. A vote for them is a wasted vote for the oligarchy.
On the other hand, a vote for progressive independents is a valuable vote for independence.