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One Good Thing Donald Trump’s Presidency Has Done: Improved Journalism


One Good Thing Donald Trump’s Presidency Has Done: Improved Journalism

John Dean

When I first started thinking about this column, I was going to write about the testimony of former acting attorney general Sally Yates and former director of national intelligence James Clapper, Jr. before the Senate on Monday, May 8, 2017. I was going to discuss the details of Ms. Yates’s reports to White House counsel Don McGhan about the activities of Michael Flynn, who briefly served as Trump’s national security chief until ousted as a liar based on the information given to the White House. Ms.


One can only hope that John Dean is right but the mainstream press is subject to many editorial pressures and while some may speak up for our democracy, others may instead fear for their paychecks.

To paraphrase the I Ching >>> We live in interesting Presidential administrations.


With nearly all M$M outlets still praising Trump when he does military actions I still find John Dean's assertion a little hard to believe.


I agree. MSM 24/7 coverage of little Donnie and his band of Derelicts is rather sickening.

I realize he is the United States biggest 'Cluckup' for the past 112 days (at least) but come on, give us a break. Report some news that he hasn't created.


"What I noticed in following Politico, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal along with CNN and MSNBC, while catching occasional network news organizations coverage, is the extraordinary journalism that is driving the news today."

The oppositte is true.

Extraordinary news is driving the journalism today.
The journalism itself is pedestrian, shallow and opaque. Much like a muddy puddle. There is no reflection or transparency. The outlets mentioned here rarely bother to mask their corporatist agendas, using trite language that is often completely synchronized with the notion of empire. Lester Holt shamelessly pitches products as news.

We have to rely on comedians, sometimes themselves ascribing to some level of (American) hegemony, that shed some light on the absurdity and possible reality of any situation.

Trump is constantly contradicting himself and exposing his own incompetence. Has the media ever contextualized his answer with him? Please post one example. That would only be a start.


Hahahahahahahaha! Best laugh I've had in a while!
On the other hand, take Common Dreams (now a controlled opposition "news" site, with fewer articles and more fluff than ever)…Please!

Seriously, current events are a major wakeup call - unfortunately, journalism has fallen and can't get up...