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One Hundred Eighth Graders Boycott Paul Ryan Photo Op


One Hundred Eighth Graders Boycott Paul Ryan Photo Op

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

One hundred eighth grade students refused to be photographed with Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan during a field trip to the nation's capital because they "didn't want to be associated with a person who puts his party before his country," as one student put it.

According to reporting, roughly half of the 200 students who traveled from South Orange Middle School in New Jersey protested the photo-op on Thursday, watching instead from a parking lot across the street.


Jersey Middle-Schoolers know the deal. Hopefully their parents will be voting for NJ Medicare for All by supporting Seth Kaper-Dale with the Green Party for Governor in the November 2017 General Election


Bravo to these brave, educated (critical thinkers) eighth graders!!

Ryan is despicable and dangerous to the health and well being of all lives on this planet except the 1%. Here is an excellent analysis of the pathology that drives Ryan and others (my take anyway) at the helm of the killing machine that is the u.s. duopoly:

and a nice rant on Ryan:

“And I can’t forget what a “devout Christian” Ryan claims to be, while supporting economic principles that are the antithesis of real Christian values.
Paul Ryan defines hypocrisy.
"As much as I loathe Donald Trump, Ryan might actually be worse. At least Trump makes it fairly obvious that he’s an unapologetic, insecure, narcissistic bigot who panders to the worst part of our society. Meanwhile, Paul Ryan likes to act as if he’s morally superior, even though he’s the same type of two-faced, hypocritical con man pandering to the same deplorable beliefs as Trump.”


I wish to thank the GOP for being so far off the charts that even our youth in eight grade have become politically aware. What had been a slow, almost imperceptible downward spiral for the middle class has now been accelerated to such a pace that it has become obvious to all what is going on. Both Republicans and Democrats have been selling us out, but until trump came to office, many people were totally unaware of this as the Republicans relied on wedge issues to keep the conversation away from the corporate take-over of America. The Democrats, for their part, have gone along with the neoliberal economic policies that are so detrimental to our nation's people, so they share the blame. It took the effort to repeal the ACA to galvanize public opinion. Now, perhaps, we'll move towards a Progressive agenda.


Those hundred kids have more intelligence and common sense than the whole republican party (which, granted, isn't saying much)


He didn't even notice. Maybe he would have noticed, if, instead of refusing to be in the photo, they all held up signs that said (well, signs; my suggestion probably would have gotten me kicked off this site.)


" Be associated with a person who puts his party before country".

That statement would also apply to most other persons in Congress.


I would like to upvote part of your post. But I am deterred from it by your reference to "Christian values".

That is divisive in our world where people of all religions as well as atheists have to live side by side in the same community (-ies). I like to think of it rather as respect and common decency toward ALL people.

"Tolerance is the crown jewel of wisdom"

And that goes for religion as much as for anything. The zealotry connected to all religions is responsible for much of the bloodshed in this world.


Over here, 100 eighth graders; over there one multi-billionaire donor sugar daddy. Whom to cater to? Oh, the hard, hard decisions a politician has to make...


I think, that it is remarkable, that eighth graders even knew, that Paul Ryan was the Speaker of the Majority of the House and what he stood for (or against).
To me that indicates strongly, that there is a new political awareness dawning in America and that families actually take time-out from the TV to discuss issues, that matter.


Americans before party? How dare they. Don't they know that America was founded on racism, bigotry xenophobia misogyny and a strong penchant for royalty. Country is going to hell in a hand basket.


Unfortunately, it ISN'T obvious to all, and if DeVos gets what she wants, what's left of our critically weakened schools will be turned over to theocrats and profiteers.  Awareness like these kids demonstrated will cease to exist; independent thinking will be brainwashed out of them.

And Mike Pence is possibly even worse.  Those hoping for the impeachment of Tweetle-Dumb better be careful what they're wishing for.  Right now there's pretty strong resistance to Trump, and confusion in the Re- Pooplican ranks, but if Pence takes over the Presiduncy we'll be faced with a much more unified assault on our economy and democracy.  Rather than focusing on impeachment of Trump, progressives should be working to 'cut him off at the pass' by taking over the Senate in 2018.


I should really apologize to people who follow such faiths as Bahá’í and Buddhism, which do not lend themselves to zealotry for my generalization in the last paragraph in that previous post


And thus began the Dem exit. I will never forget the Primary (Democratic,my eye balls). Many have chosen to go Green and there are talks about a 3rd Party.




Yeah, and the worst statement ever by Bernie: " we can't let Trump win"!


Good for them! As an American, I feel very proud of these younger students walking out on an individual whose 'greatest dream' since his drunken frat days is kicking millions of low income Americans off their Medicaid.

It is long past time to kick this slob out of Congress. And not just throw him out, but replace him with someone of high caliber and effectiveness on issues that matter.

What is the story with this district? When are we getting rid of him? Is anyone working on this?


Replying to my query after another CD article, asking for a list of states considering
SINGLE PAYER, another CD poster listed "SC' among other states. I live in this benighted backward
state that has Lindsey Graham as its senator. Somebody please check again. Doubting that SoCar has done anything
that sensible. Most of its legislators are Rethuglican idiots. Regarding these critical thinking young folks,HURRAH for them.


This guy is not well. He's lost the "We the People" Love. Love for one-another - of We the People!