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One Hundred 'Handmaids' Greet Mike Pence to Protest GOP's Anti-Choice Agenda


One Hundred 'Handmaids' Greet Mike Pence to Protest GOP's Anti-Choice Agenda

Jon Queally, staff writer

"We thought Ronald Reagan was bad enough with the religious right and Focus on the Family... But that was nothing like Mike Pence."


The little “Nazi” could care less. He too, has no shame.


Pence – and all of his ilk – is a disgusting, ignorant creep.


These people, those like pense, are not christians, they are control freaks. I don’t know a republican that isn’t a control freak. It just ain’t right if it isn’t left. The foundation for the freedom from religion is a great thing for our country that was Not founded on religious principles. It was founded by those who were part of The Age of Reason. Which is now sadly dead. We fought against England, we won but they grew up. For some unknown reason we have to constantly fight for the separation of church and state.


just the thought that you would have to bury your miscarriage makes me shudder if he were to have his way. anything you do or say is between you and God. no one else is suppose to throw that first stone.


Shouldn’t we be done with cute but utterly ineffective protest gimmicks like this? Anyone remember the “yes men”, the “million-billionaire march”, the “radical cheerleaders” and the “people’s mic.”, or going further back, “Teamsters and Turtles”? And who can forget those huge paper mache’ puppets!

Remember? … I thought so…

When is real, disobedient, disruptive, persistent, angry, mass direct action going to start?


Michael Moore’s documentary, “Who do we invade next” is great. He invades several countries and examines education, worker’s rights, and the contribution women make to society, and more. Just about everywhere is doing a better job than the U.S. even though most of them credit their system on American values. Most of them would not want to be our neighbor. It is a real eye opener. See it if you get the chance.

Abortion is legal in Tunsia. North Africa.


As soon as you start it.


Yeah…when???..good question …I have been wondering that myself for a long time …I have more to say about this. .cannot do so now…more later …


We have plenty of organizations that can start it, but starting in 2008, the hand-wringing liberals ejected all the young people with fight in them…


Pence most likely could care less. How about women across the US go on a general strike?


All U.S. women on a general strike. Best idea yet. Add, a U.S. truckers general strike to include a U.S. railroad general strike, and even the oligarchs in Europe will have to open their eyes and ears, and back off their attack dogs here in America.


The current batch of “Republicans” don’t just want to worship God. They want to PLAY God with less than even the normal human wisdom to guide them.


Question: Why do the GOP, bible thumpers like Pence, worry so much about the unborn but could care less about the unborn once they are born?


The family values and morality party which I haven’t heard them use incessantly but coming back with Pence. This party has no morals or family values. All hypocritical liars.


Good idea! Starting with Trump’s wife!


You mean the pitchfork brigade storming Washington DC and state capitals across the country? You know what would happen in this day and age here in Amerika? Tanks and drones.


Bernie started a revolution in people power but media and DNC thwarted it somewhat. Our revolution should organize as they have the emails for all their supporters and probably have more plus they could organize with other groups.


I thinks she likes the money too much…I can’t imagine any other reason she sleeps with this crude sexual predator. And Pence’s wife is also too enamored with subservience to an intolerant creed.


Yes we are outgunned. However, so were the people of India under British rule: Total, non cooperation. Now.