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One Killed, Eight Arrested During Bid to End Militant Occupation in Oregon


One Killed, Eight Arrested During Bid to End Militant Occupation in Oregon

Jon Queally, staff writer

One member of the militant group that has been carrying out an armed occupation of the Malheur wildlife refuge in Oregon was shot and killed late Tuesday as other members, including leader Amon Bundy, were arrested on federal charges following a confrontation with law enforcement.


Think about this: Mary Anne Grady Flores inadvertently steps on a road, she's arrested and put in jail for 6 months. Bundy and his buddies get away with this armed occupation for 25 days. What's going on here?


The occupation unfortunately has their martyr. This is what they wanted, and they will use it to promote their "cause".

The federal authorities were not faced with an easy situation, but I can't help but feel the years of brutal actions against left and black groups [FBI murder of Fred Hampton in his bed in Chicago] and kid glove treatment of white privilege, selfish groups like these has come back to haunt us as a society. The government waited to long to put an end to this.


Mary Anne Flores is a victim of the police state and their repression of citizen action challenging the war machine. The ability to speak and protest under the First Amendment is and has been in jeopardy and it goes far beyond one administration or another, beyond both major parties. In NY, the "Empire State", fear of "the authorities" and their goons will keep the local systems in line......


This is an interestingsituation. Bundy from Ruby Ridge is a constitutionilist which was deemed as a 'Lone Wolf' terrorist by the Patriot Act. This is the reason why law enforcement has gone after them. Law inforcement has the 'absolute right' to murder, excuse me, neutralize, any Lone Wolf terrorist. Good stuff.


Having a martyr appears to be consistent with the rest of Talibundy strategy.


No Mercy for these gun toting idiots.Bundys' militia needs to be met with police brutality!
They committed crimes with guns & need to be made an example of in the most brutal way possible!
The government has been far to lenient with them. If they are not shot they should be forced face down in the dirt cuffed & stomped & brutilized.Then billed for the Government costs of $70,000.00 a day!
Fox news has blood on it's hands & needs to be held accountable for empowering these assholes by giving them validation & cover back in Nevada. 2 officers were later gunned down by by Bundys' militia members.


Have to go against the CD grain here. First, I have no sympathy for this group's cause or their tactics, but no-one need have died here, not even this deluded individual with an apparent death-wish. I believe, despite the glaring disparity between this and the escalating murder of un-armed citizens (mostly black) by militarized police forces, that the situation was "handled" correctly. De-escalation, patience, and normal procedures of arrest and detention.

Considering the msm's propensity to trivialize the momentous and sensationalize the mundane, the rather muted and fairly disinterested treatment by the national media helped to limit an influx of like-minded individuals. Not a news blackout, but neither a 24/7 prodding of a dangerous situation. And here then is really something to ponder. When do we stop referring to the media monopolies as the MSM and start understanding it as state-run propaganda? The media treatment was absolutely in the interest of the Federal Government, the target of this armed rebellion.


Your narrative is flawed because WACO was about white people and so was Ruby Ridge.


Anyone who promotes violence and vengeance is no friend of Democracy or Progressivism. Sounds like you belong to the Fox News crowd.


Well, I certainly saw this coming. Mentioned on this site a few weeks ago, when the whole " Look! The Feds won't do anything because it's White People "crowd came out of the woodwork, that this would end badly. The Feds would only wait so long then move in.


No, I do not agree. I will not get into listing the disparity of treatment of white privilege and racist treatment of minorities with you. It should be obvious to those who understand the history of racism in Amerika


I think you mean the situation was handled "incorrectly." While I don't know the details, I agree with you in wondering why anyone had to die.

I do think the disparties b/w how this was handled and the crimes they were charged with, compared to the deaths and terrorist charges that would have been leveled against darker-skinned, poor, or even activist-type people are unconscionable.


I've no sympathies for the militia crowd, but no shootout is good.
We may not have lost a cure for cancer, but even tarpman had the right to be a moron
without risking his life. I am not a fan of their issues, nor tactics, but surely the US Government in all its power and majesty could find a better way of ridding itself of some old fart with a shotgun under a tarp. No glee here.


There is a larger point so far not addressed here so I will do so. The main argument of the Bundy crowd is that the land on which their armed squat is taking place belongs to "the people" and not "the government". Like most artful lies this is only half true.
More correctly stated the land on which they squatted their armed band and fairly dared anyone to eject them belongs to "ALL the people". From Montana to Texas, Maine to California, "this land belongs to you and me"--as Woody Guthrie famously sang.
And we the people have through our federally elected representatives appointed the Bureau of Land Management as the trustee to keep and manage the land that belongs to you and me. If that should ever change then it must be through the actions of ALL the people through their federally elected representatives.
This issue, much more than slavery, and along with British meddling--was the cause of the US Civil War (to date the bloodiest war ever fought by the US).
"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it", so stated Harvard philosopher and poet George Santayana. This is already plowed ground that does not need digging up again except for the learning of present and future generations. Give these bums a chance to exit the people's land peacefully--if they refuse, throw every one of them in jail for their own and everyone else's learning.


Not true. Even the very southern, plantation house and black-mammy reared Prof. Robertson of Virginia Tech - foremost historian of the US Civil War always makes it clear early on in his excellent 2-semester Civil War History course that the civil war was about the southern system of slavery and everything else was only an attempt to divert attention to that fact.


No, the advertiser-dependent mainstream media is corporate run propaganda the corporations who advertise are the media's customers. Of course the politicians have been purchased by the corporations so they are largely the customer of the federal government (even more true with state governments), so their interests often do coincide.


How could a situation with an armed and dangerous person who refused to drop his gun could end any other way but with the shooting the person?


I agree. This ended with a lot less blood than it had the potential for - a good thing. Also that it is absolutely justified to vigorously use this event to point up the disparate treatment under the law. No, I typed what I meant, and you are free to disagree with it. To me unconscionable is a polite word. I'd say those realities you mentioned are aspects of systemic injustice heaped upon purposeful impoverishment.

After saying the other day that I don't support PBS any more, I'll admit that I watched The Mine Wars episode of The American Experience on PBS last night. The battle for coal miner unionization in the southern counties of WVa; our current situation was much on my mind.


Have you ever been in an armed confrontation? I have. And when someone, especially people as unhinged and outright ignorant as these terrorists, promises not to be taken alive and is armed you do what you have to to not be their victim. No one on this forum has all the facts yet, if ever, so no one knows whether or not the shooting was necessary.

The biggest mistake the Feds made was to not end it last year at the Bundy ranch when this parasite refused to pay for grazing on public land. Land that belongs to you and me. He owes us a million bucks.