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One Last Chance for Peace in Yemen


One Last Chance for Peace in Yemen

Jakob Reimann

On the night of January 5, a squadron of F-15 fighter jets from the Royal Saudi Air Force carpet-bombed a neighborhood in the densely populated Yemeni capital of Sanaa. Following the assault, the Al-Noor Center for the Blind lay in ruins.



Bravo to Jakob Reimann for his comprehensive and accurate view of the Yemen war crimes and atrocities! The tragic reality is there is no nation, no leader, with enough moral compass and integrity to force an end this and other wars or the future of this world in arms.....

Without the corrupting influence of the US war machine and arms manufacturers, with the open complicity of depraved US "leaders" the Saudis would be forced to end their slaughter of civilians. Obama, Clinton and our "special ally" in the ME, including the Saudis, all have the blood of innocents on their hands. The Saudis are also very deliberately empowering the Daesh/ISIS in Yemen - both being Sunnis with little or no regard for the lives of any other - such is the reality of all "religious" tribal extremism and pathology.......