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One Man’s War


One Man’s War

Mark Wilkerson

Memorial Day is over. You had your barbecue. Now, you can stop thinking about America’s wars and the casualties from them for another year. As for me, I only wish it were so.

It’s been Memorial Day for me ever since I first met Tomas Young. And in truth, it should have felt that way from the moment I hunkered down in Somalia in 1993 and the firing began. After all, we’ve been at war across the Greater Middle East ever since. But somehow it was Tomas who, in 2013, first brought my own experience in the U.S. military home to me in ways I hadn’t been able to do on my own.


My deepest thanks to you, Mark Wilkerson, for this riveting article about the life and death of Tomas Young! His actions after coming home from war, body broken by it, but with his faculties to think definitely intact, he was more heroic than any past or sitting President could ever hope to be, because he told the truth about it! His letter to Bush should be read by every young person who has even the thought of military service and shouted from the rooftops when the warmongers start rattling their imaginary sabers...they know they themselves will see no harm! Again, blessing on you for showing that peace is always the best solution to the problems of the world!


If you haven't read the works of Paul Fussell, please do. He is wonderful. Also, I recommend Rudyard Kipling. He was the chronicler of the equivalent British 'Tommy' when the British Empire tried to break Afghanistan to its will. Alan Trachtenberg's "Reading American Photographs" has a great chapter on photographs and the Civil War.