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One Nation, In Sickness and in Health

One Nation, In Sickness and in Health

Michael Winship

Time and again, "repeal and replace" has proven to be a farce. Let's focus on the hard work of true reform and get health care for all.

Activists marched to the offices of Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand in New York City on Sept. 5, 2017. (Photo by Erik McGregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

“Yet while Obamacare is a deeply flawed program — ultimately, single-payer is the way we must go or face economic and social ruin — it still has been a step in the right direction”

The step in the right direction has been the abysmal failure of the ACA that unintentionally opened many more eyes to the fact that the only solution is Expanded and Improved Medicare for All as put forth in HR676.

The ACA, was not intended to take us toward Medicare for All. It was intended to strengthen and bolster the health and pharma insurance cartels. It served its purpose so well that it has become increasingly obvious that a market based system serves only the market, not our health care. As the stock values of insurance and pharma cartels escalated since 2009, health care has become out of reach for more and more of us.

The ACA, though not intended as such, has actually helped the insurance and pharma cartels smother themselves under the weight of their own greed.

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Good article, Michael! I love the “Typhoid Mary” analogy.

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I think that is true. But it was step toward getting health care insurance for more people. The ACA was patterned after the Massachusetts healthcare program that was adopted when Romney was governor. I think it was meant to be a program that would increase coverage that would be acceptable to Republicans. But in Washington even the ACA is unacceptable to Republicans. Inside the Beltway is clearly a different place than Massachusetts. I would guess this battle between the parties over healthcare coverage will go on for many years with little getting accomplished. Millions of Americans are likely to lack healthcare coverage for a long time. I would like to think there is some way to change this situation but right now I don’t see it.

The nation is sick because its concept of FOOD is such…Since the advent of human domestication of non-human beings, forcing them into lives of bondage, depriving them of their natural societies, habitats, abilities to live free from harm and slaughter, human society has become warped, deformed, unnatural… How can any nation that relies on slaughter and all the vulgarities of meat, dairy, egg and “seafood” production, what is killing this earth, public health and every human dealing with diet related diseases, which most are, manifest peace, health and ethics… Our nation is sick because the USDA promotes animals as products and when people eat other mothers babies and nurse on other mothers nursing formula, disease happens… Not rocket science, just CAUSE and EFFECT.Health care happens three times every day when people put forks into their mouths. Human beings should stop rendering their organs over to the government of agribusiness, by agribusiness, for agribusiness…Eat PLANTS, that’s where the natural medicine chest lives.

Change is coming more rapidly than those in the beltway see or want to believe. Expanded and Improved Medicare for All will be a litmus test for both parties in 2018 and 2020. We will have Expanded and Improved Medicare for All, not because Washington wants it but because it is the only viable solution and the People are making their voices heard. The people’s voice is the reason that the GOP did not get their way with TrumpCare. People have wised up considerably since 2009 when the ACA was foisted upon us.

Yes, the ACA was patterned after the MA plan that was developed by the Heritage Foundation. It is a market based system. The intent of the ACA is to keep our health care controlled by a market based for profit system. The Heritage Foundation never intended to move us towards a single payer system. Their intent was quite the opposite.

The neolibs are going to be a big problem. They will do their best to sabotage Medicare for All. That is why they want to bolster the ACA. That is also what the Sander’s bill is primarily for – to give cover to the neolibs so they can appear to support Expanded and Improved Medicare for All while continuing to support the failed market based system currently in place. I am not saying that is Sander’s motivation. I don’t know what motivates him.

From the neolibs we will be hearing a lot about incrementalism. We will hear things like, I support single payer 100% but you really can’t expect too much or you’ll get nothing. You’ll hear, I’m 100% behind single payer but it is complicated and we need to take it a step at a time so we need a phase in plan. You’ll hear them say I know single payer is the best system but it just isn’t affordable without raising taxes. These and other neolib talking points are not intended to bring us Expanded and Improved Medicare for All, they are intended to underhandedly keep the corrupt market place system in place.

These are all lies, of course, but they sound so reasonable. They are not reasonable and they are not true. Be vigilant.