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One Nation United By Hygge: Americans Welcome New Danish Owners

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/08/16/one-nation-united-hygge-americans-welcome-new-danish-owners


But But But Moscow Bitch Mitch won’t let the sale go through. I’m so sorry the Danes will just have to up their bidding price.


If Trumpo the clown had $600,000,000 he probably would have sent the money order to “PRINCE KIELSEN”, cause you know, he’s such a good businessman. I can almost hear him telling Jared, “this is such a bargain” lol.

Anyone else pickup on the two trailing dogs, left and right in the photo? They seem to glance at each other with this look of “dude this shit ain’t right”.

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I think that Trump was enticed by all that water ( aka melting ice,) However, as Trump is eliminating things that work for the People, he will be sure to factor the melting ice in quite well. I would not be surprised if his reasons for buying it were to move the federal government there as Greenland melted. That way it would be so much easier to WATER DOWN any remaining value that this country has for We the People.

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The truth is that this shows that Trump understands about global warming. He realizes that in relatively short order, it will be unbearably hot and moreover his ‘Mar-A-Lago, Florida’ resort will be awash from sea level rise! Thus buying Greenland makes sense because it will someday have a mild cool climate in an overheated planet.

That would be Trump ‘Mar-A-Fjordo, Greenland’!

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I settle into meditation, place hands on knees, and contemplate change of sign to …

Greenland is mind

We mock, but there is much to indicate that Greenland will be one of the last habitable places on the planet soon enough, which means America’s rulers will be coming for it eventually.
For that matter, does anyone think Trump is above sending in the CIA or a fleet of drones whenever his amazing deal making skills fail?
They probably won’t be going after it during Trumps reign, as the next order of business seems to be grabbing the north pole.
Expect Santa to be declared a terrorist any day now, and the north pole to be encircled by military bases in order to contain the growing elf threat, or something equally credible. Assuming they even bother to concoct an excuse at all anymore.

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Delightful piece.