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One Night in Kunduz, One Morning in New York


One Night in Kunduz, One Morning in New York

Laura Gottesdiener

When people ask me what my new job is like, I tell them that I wake up very early and count the dead. When I say “very early,” I mean a few minutes after four a.m., as the sky is just softening to the color of faded purple corduroy. By “the dead,” I mostly mean people across the world that my government has killed or helped another nation’s government kill while I was sleeping.


Thanks for your fine journalism Ms. Gottesdiener. It reminds me to continue vigilance on the issue of net neutrality. As for the conduct of "my government", the complicit mass media, and the compliant population, some things never seem to change. At least with the help of solid journalism those of who wish to unravel history before the victors put their spin on it can do so.


What a pity that someone in the area didn't have a ground-to-air missile available.

But since the 130 (known to US troops in VN as "Puff the Magic Dragon", though the VC/NVA doubtless had a different, less-charming name for it) has chaff and similar, it would have taken a lot of luck to hit the thing with a missile.


This is the U.S. military's version of unchecked, ongoing TERRORISM!

And the following explains why anyone with a functioning brain has to question the Official Story (and producers of) the recent terrorist event in France:

"Earlier contradictory accounts, all issued within the span of four days, go as follows: (1) it may not have been an American air strike; (2) the U.S. launched airstrikes in the neighborhood of the hospital and the facility was hit by accident; (3) the hospital was hit because American Special Operations forces were under fire near the hospital and called in the strikes in their own defense; (4) the facility was hit because Afghan forces supported by that Special Ops unit “advised that they were taking fire from enemy positions and asked for air support from U.S. forces.”

It's as if the media-military-industrial complex just audience tests its versions of events. The disdain for Truth is so glaringly apparent as to make any sentient soul question whatever these entities EVER say.


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Actually, US military personnel are probably already not being treated by the MSF. You may recall the 2003 Jessica Lynch incident in Iraq. Badly injured in a Humvee crash which got transmogrified into a fabricated heroic battle scene in which Lynch fired away until the gun jammed and was wounded, some passing Iraqis took her to a hospital. Upon learning she was in the hospital, the US commanders immediately regarded her an prisoner of war imprisoned by the evil Arabs. A story was concocted that she was being tortured there. The hospital got invaded and Lynch "rescued" from her hospital bed. Fortunately, no hospital staff were killed - but they all were held at gunpoint as Lynch was "rescued".

Everybody is avoiding talking about the real reason the Kunduz hospital was attacked. I'm sure the reason was simply that the US chain of command was notified that the hospital was treating wounded Taliban fighters - perhaps some higher profile ones. This meant that MSF was "giving aid and comfort to the enemy" and therefore were "the enemy" themselves. An attack on the Nobel-Peace Prize winning doctors was ordered by the chain of command of another Winner of a Nobel Peace Prize. Attacking a clearly marked hospital is of course a violation of the Geneva Conventions - but since when does the USA follow them?



Thank-you for your service.


It may have also been to take away any Western witnesses to future atrocities in U.S.-Afghan operations in Kunduz. And to send a message to MSF and other aid groups that they better get out of the way around the globe--so MSF gets bombed in Yemen, too, as the period to that message. With continued reporting like Ms. Gottesdiener's, however, it just might be that the U.S. once again over-reached here, and this will be a little turning point on actually exposing, rather than covering up, U.S. atrocities.


There is no need to cook up anything lurid. Just ask the average patriotic-swaggering conservative USAn (the same people that always defend the latest instance of racist police brutality and murder to appear on YouTube) and they will say: "The hospital deserved to be bombed - they were giving aid and comfort to the Enemy. These "Doctors without Borders" are just socialistic do-gooders anyway."


Yunzer typically apologizes for power. He is a decided critic of anyone who challenges the official 911 bull shit. In this instance, he's granting cover to overt military malfeasance. YOUR analysis is far more likely... and therefore, accurate.


Thank you Laura for attempting the impossible: countring those killed by the US and its NATO surrogates. WE should join you in the pre-dawn graveyard in solidarity with one brave woman; to join you would be a way of caring for our own deeply troubled souls.


Yes, the world is just one big James Bond movie...


And employed "engineers" have all day to comment on a site like Commondreams... typically articulating positions that reinforce Status Quo protocols: Perception Management, style.


The buck stops here.

This war stops here.

What sick and twisted mind conceived of the bombing of the Kunduz hospital, knowing its coordinates, and who complied with this war crime?

As this carnage happened between 2:19am and 3:10am on Saturday, October 3, it was mid-afternoon on Friday in DC. Was there live feed of the video of this carnage?

Heinous and reprehensible, this represents the worst of US foreign policy. Delivered with impunity.

Thank you, Laura, for your service, and for this indepth and thorough report.

Best wishes.


Especially with the liar[s]-in-chief we've had in the presidency over the last 50 years.


A commenter on this article on another website said something about Doctors-Without-Borders coming out against the TPP (with the pharma rules it contains) and that's why they had to be obliterated. Who knows, but with our little dick-traitor I can't completely rule that out considering what he's done to whistleblowers.