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'One of Many Reasons Why Single Payer Matters': For-Profit Insurers Hitting People With 'Illegal' Bills for Covid Tests

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/10/one-many-reasons-why-single-payer-matters-profit-insurers-hitting-people-illegal

“Once again, Pallone tweeted at the time, the Trump administration was prioritizing corporate profits over people.”

Yes, exactly what the Obama administration and congress did when the ACA was put into action over a single payer system in 2010. And never forget the dems held the trifecta at the time, the White House, and both chambers of congress.


Obama was our first republican light black president who made sure that not only did single payer not have a seat at the table, but made sure for profit health insurance had all the seats and owned the table too. And, thank you also goes to max baucus along with his former health care exec aid who simply rewrote romney care and put Obama’s name on it. Affordable Care Act, right, affordable for who?

And, should Biden win in November we’ll be able to thank kick the can down the road Joe for dropping the eligibility age for medicare by, what, 5 years, which will only result in higher profits for the insurance companies as the age of those they cover drops. Donkeys with an elephant trunk, ears and tail are not democrats, especially when they subscribe to wall street capitalism!

For profit health care is unethical and immoral!


I needed to get my grandson tested as he is coming to stay with us for a while. The local walk in care stated that first a virtual visit with the doctor is necessary ( for $185) and then the lab fee for the test is $175.
There are other test sites that are not gouging and there is availability of free testing at state sponsored test sites, but some were not convenient to get to, and some sites only do 25 tests per day and are full for a week, and some require a doctor’s order and some do not. And getting results is variable, from 24 hrs to 7 days.
It took me 1.5 days to arrange a test for him and I work in the medical field. Very disappointing and fool hardy testing guidelines in place at this time.


The only reason Biden is against single payer/Medicare for All is that he works for the big corporations.

He’s against the Green New Deal and against free public universities. Oh, he’s against defunding the police. Probably will start new wars.

I’m voting my conscience and gonna vote third party…GREEN or Kanye. If you work for Biden, don’t bother trying to convince me.

The DNC is a horrible, corrupt organization which is the reason why Trump is President now.


“dropping the eligibility age for medicare by, what, 5 years, which will only result in higher profits for the insurance companies as the age of those they cover drops”

BRILLIANT observation F_DN.


“. . . insurers “faulted the complexity of American medical billing,” Kliff noted.”

Yes, they are the ones who created this complexity to which they point blame.

I am glad this article uses the terms “single payer,” and “universal health care,” for the
term “medicare for all” is not a good term; Medicare is woefully insufficient for those who use it.

I reapeat “medicare for all” is not a good term. There are huge problems with it.


I just had the slightest sore throat, but for two weeks straight in August. At the end my voice sounded a little bit froggy. I never got tested. I’m on Medicare. I can’t afford that kind of hit.

I’m over 65 but I’m working in a school (if they call us back).

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As usual, voting for the LESSER of two evils.

That should be “the [complicity] of American medical billing,” don’t you reckon?

This kind of “drive by doctoring” as its called, is routine in America and its obviously intended to make people rightfully afraid to use health insurance they have paid for. Even when they are sick and desperately need it. This system IS MURDER

Well hip hip hooray, Now I guess we are stuck with this system forever due to having no choice and a treaty locking it in. BOTH PARTIES ARE OWNED BY THE FOLKS THAT COULDNT GIVE A FLYING FUCK.


Maybe we can be reincarnated as rich people in our next lives, I hope all politicians lose their health care and have to pay out of pocket while being unemployed themselves. And that their waiting room time is forever.

Adam Gaffney, none of that matters, THEY MADE A DEAL and carved it in stone, its called the General Agreement on Trade in Services. Its so corporations get CERTAINTY.

Why are you still livin in the 90s? Compassion’s out of style. greed is where the Future’s at.

Corporate interests are now enforced by international law.

Import doctors, export patients!

They traded away the right to vote for and have single payer in the 1990s. Don’t believe the liars who try to hide this under their comforting warm bullshit. They fear the truth because they have killed at least two million poor and middle class Americans in cold blood with their PreventCare ™ Yes, “Obamacare” prevents the real problem from being fixed, the next step is outspurcing your care to the poorest countries.

Evilism is not democracy. Not even close.

As they plan to outsource, offhore millions of jobs, some in high places seem to feel why address healthcare, education, etc, when we dont need workers from here any more. I.e. “Live and let die” (expression from the poorer parts of the British Empire in the last century)

There is no good reason all of this, testing and treatment should not be free. For the sake of the entire population.
There is no good reason this should not be obvious or that anyone should be required to pay.
Not even the real cost of the materials, which for the tests is a pittance, I read $8 for a test somewhere else (sorry don’t have the link - it was information in the story about the doctor being charged more than $10,000 for a test at the very place he worked).
Bloody stupid to “make a profit” on this. Should be against the law and should get prosecuted just like a war profiteer.

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You should know better than that, President Clinton signed away our right to pick our healthcare system on December 8, 1994.

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This headline should read “one of the reasons leaving GATS matters”

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What I do know is, if our “leaders” gave a dam about the people, the GATS agreement wouldn’t mean squat. I am puzzled why you believe it’s written in stone. This country has a long history of nullifying treaties it’s signed, usually for evil, I expect this one to be nullified for the good of the people. Repeating that it can’t be done is just propaganda. If we don’t die from environmental reasons, not exiting from GATS will spark a violent revolution, then everybody loses, including the rich.

They don’t give a damn about the people. So it means a lot. So its written in stone. People are being fed bullshit promises, everybody here has been deceived. We’re literally the last people on the planet to know about this mess. Of course, Ive heard that many/most of these “progressive” “opposition” blogs (as well as candidates!) are likely owned and run by the DNC, so that would explain why nobody ever gets it. Why would you be any different?

Could you give me some examples of treaties we’ve nullified? (besides ones to Native Americans which dont count, because they are American Indians - who at the time didnt count, just like Americans now, basically, poor is the new Black.

Please give me some examples of trade treaties we unilaterally nullified after WWII.

Now, you also have his backwards:

“Repeating that it can’t be done is just propaganda”

NO, the default is what the laws say, as you well know, you are the one spouting propaganda, you and the captured media consisting of six corporations owning virtually all of it, you are sputing endless bullshit and never correcting any of it even though its obviously untrue. Its unsupportable by fact.

Yes, the WTO GATS laws do seem to always get obeyed now, they are the one thing that is dominating what actually happens. ALets assume the ACA was an emergency measure after the 2010 GFC. That means they basically would have ten years. 2010-2020. Then we would have to go back to healthcare situation as it was in 1998. So, my guess is trump will win, because if Biden won, how would they ever explain the ACA being replaled anyway? That is the way the rules work. there is n easy way out, why dont they take it up with the WTO right now? Have the USTR say well, we made this mistake back in 1994-1998 and now we need to reverse it. They fucked up bigtime.

No, we dont want neoliberilsm, it conflicts with democracy. Its treason.

Here is my completed Article XXI form. Then do it?

Why are you wasting my time and others. Just do it. …

See they never woud. they lie SO we die.

Give me a break…

All of the DNC apologists here - why arent you telling the country the tuth for a change. Do it for your childrens sake, so they dont end up living in Antarctica or something, starving to death eating grass, and the occasional penguin soup for the soul. .

No, your apologistm for evilism - the constantly pretending we can do what we’ve already swore we must never do, is obviously propaganda, because the people who run this country want to get all the benefits of having provided people with security they have in fact stolen. It would be far less expensive to lie throygh their teeth and continually make bullshit promises, than it would be to give up those sweet profits they get from making their bullshit promises until everything falls apart, wouldnt ut be? Even when they fall apart, there will be a bunch of groups arguing about an inheritance that was actually sold off to somebody else decades ago. I bet they will have a huge laugh about it in hell or wherever it is they all are, dont you think?

“If we don’t die from environmental reasons, not exiting from GATS will spark a violent revolution, then everybody loses”,

Youre ignoring one of the reasons they created the GATS, keeping it possible and legal to split town, move to a secrecy jurisdiction, leave the country with your cash squirreled away somewhere, and leave the country you fleeced holding the bill.

“including the rich.” See above. See also UN document “A/RES/44/232. Trends in the transfer of resources to and from the developing countries and their impact on the economic growth and sustained development of those countries” - See also my blog’s section on odious debt law.

You’ve been deceived into thinking that the people of the US have far more power than we in fact have. They left our laws techniclly in charge but made it so the COST would be astronomical if we asserted our independence. We’d have to give up the expensive drugs and cheap labor. people would live too long and not have the money to paytheir newly doubled or tripled in cost bills. Did you know heating costs are about to go sky high, bet you didnt. Thatsgoing to mean a hell of a lot of homeless - people who lived in older buildings.

This BS attack, is a conscious strategy to leave us all, useful idiots that we are, woefully unprepared and unaware of this preemptive strike being readied against all of us.

The rich own the world, if you dont believe me look how rapidly the percentage of ownership owned by the very welthy is and how rapidly its growing. This is no accident. Soon most of us will have to leave, find another place to live. Cant pay the rent.

Air too expensive after its polluted enough. You know I’m right.

They would nuke any part of the country that attempted to escape the trap.

It would be a hell of a job cleaning up the mess and they would need lots of slaves to do the toxic work and give their lives for the country. Slavery is still legal you know, just not by race. You know I’m right. Face facts.



People will only get to continue living if we dont make damands above our class which will soon be nothing, because people who will have no income, will have no intrinsic value under the new world odor. Read the fine print, my friend.

Trading away all the decent jobs makes the cost of the environmental disaster zero as well. making saving their lives worthless. maybe we should be thanking Trup for giving us a warning whats coming ahead that our friends in Washington would never allow to be broadcast the way he is. thats probably the real reason they hate him, because he’s been taking their masks off, and although they cant say it, they hate that the most.

In any case, you dont see anybody coming up with any solutions because as I said a million times, and hundreds of academic papers many of which are linked on my site explain to you, they took all these things that coincidentally are the subject of your pals bullshit promises (all these proxies being enlisted to make them is the older suckers trick in the book) The sooner people realize they are being evicted, the better it will be, people should make other plans, whatever they are they will get NO help from either US party. They want us to leave and become somebody else’s problem. While still falling for the divide and conquer to boot. yes, we are that stupid, as your questions show.

Also, there is a good legal essay on Bullshit Promises, promises made with the non-obvious intent of not keeping them. You can probably find it via Google Scholar. thats its title, Bullshit Promises… read it.

Hi. I think I agree with what you are saying but I had a hard time getting past the double negatives.
I think you mean we agree that testing and treatment should be free. Yes.