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'One of New Zealand's Darkest Days': Dozens Reportedly Slain in Terror Attack on Two Mosques


'One of New Zealand's Darkest Days': Dozens Reportedly Slain in Terror Attack on Two Mosques

Jon Queally, staff writer

This is a developing story... Check back for updates...

Witnesses are depicting horrifying scenes from the city of Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday following mass shootings by one or more gunman that occurred at two mosques in the city.


The blame for this lies with any person or group with a “voice” who feed their hatred and evil thoughts to msm/television/etc.

Those poor unsuspecting people.


As if that was not enough now we get this:


I first read this on Al Jazeera, which tends to be more thorough with their reporting:


I’m relieved that the perpetrator was correctly labelled as a “right-wing terrorist.”
Christian conservative right wingers can be terrorists too! Ask any Indian.
With news outlets like Fox fomenting hate, we can only expect right wingers to become radicalized and turn to terrorism. They need to be taught: an eye for an eye makes the world blind.


Peace Be With Us All

In 1975 Lynyrd Skynyrd wrote the song Saturday Night Special which has always resonated for me having lived in some tough towns during some tough times like now

“It was a strong message that Ronnie was conveying,” Rossington says. “Those cheap handguns were no good for hunting or anything else – they were just made to kill people. And those guns were easy to find. We came from a rough part of town, the west side of Jacksonville. There were a lot of bad people there, and every week you’d hear that somebody got shot or killed.”

Such is the case for all Assault Firearms, Be they rifle or pistol

“got a barrel that’s blue and cold/Ain’t good for nothin’, but put a man six feet in the hole*

Can we just agree to start there. A Ban on the War Weapons, the Assault Gun has No Other Purpose than to Kill LOTS of People

Then maybe we can get to the Final Stanza
Why don’t we dump ’em, people, to the bottom of the sea?


Unbelievable. It never the White guys fault. Responsibility always lies with those of darker skinned as far as this prick is concerned.


By the way , I would consider what this “Good Senator” said as hate speech. He categorically stated that Muslims were fanatics and are usally the perpetrators of all violent crimes. What I read in his message is that those White Guys in Christchurch were just acting in self defense. I await his arrest as Australia has laws against Hate speech.


That’s exactly what i meant by people with a “voice”. He is simply generating more animosity towards muslims. I doubt he will even get a slap on the wrist.


Amazing how effectual the teaching of hatred and intolerance is –
and Trump does it so naturally – and never questions what he is doing.
Basically, I think Trump must have at least one other personality … cause
as we’ve seen, neither Nixon nor LBJ could beat their own consciences.
Nixon came in the bigger beggar for a pardon --while going insane.
LBJ got kind of noisily insane confessing his guilt for the JFK assassination but
they paid a psychiatrist $1 million to listen to his confessions and guess a gag
rule with it – and he then disappeared more quietly.


Interesting how these cretins always forget whose land they occupy.


You can ban war type guns, or you can ban idiots and assholes. Good luck with either approach. May peace descend upon New Zealand.


You mean like this: