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'One of the Most Brazen Acts of Voter Suppression in Modern Times' as US Supreme Court Blocks Absentee Ballot Extension in Wisconsin

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/07/one-most-brazen-acts-voter-suppression-modern-times-us-supreme-court-blocks-absentee


Ruby slippers and jack boots … click, click


One of the most unprepared countries in the world for anything except for war.


What do you do when you can’t win honestly? You cheat.


This election is crony capitalism vs democracy. Which serves you best. You pick.

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Large cracks and holes are starting to show in the illusion of democracy. The fascists are now so emboldened, they no longer hide their deep contempt of even the idea of democracy or justice. They’ve changed the word to Just Us.


the Republicans on the courts and in the WI legislature want people in the cities to not vote and are OK with them dying if they do vote anyway.
The “progressive” fools who gave away the US Supreme Court by not supporting Clinton in November 2016 have so much to answer for including why we are in this state of affairs.


Hemp Rope anyone? Everyone!! Nice and stiff and scratchy, one size fits ALL, we all know who the “All” are, if we were a nation of men and women instead of mice, well…

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There are always the ‘usual’ attacks on democracy but in this one term of Trump’s autocratic presidency and McConnell’s autocratic control of the Senate (and Pelosi’ s ‘let’s not be divisive’ control of the House), deeper wounds then ever before have weakened our right to live in a democracy. Almost week by week, the Trump/Republicans actually remove ‘democracy’ from our government and substitute their control - the control of an insider elite - and cut away things Americans have voted for (even long ago in the past). Do we still even have a functioning EPA? I no longer am sure that we do. Whistleblower legal protection? It doesn’t seem like we do. There is a list of wounds our democracy has taken with more to come.

It isn’t just the right wing like before. This time around they remove democracy itself from our grasp. Over and over they dismiss our representative democratic institutions and substitute their autocratic control. This time it was the SCOTUS but what will it be tomorrow. Too much too many times - too bad for our kids future America.


Since 1945 not even for war, if by “prepared” one means ready and able to accomplish the task one undertakes.

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Uh oh, didn’t anyone tell them that for republicans to out vote democrats now they’ll have to rub elbows with sickly brown skinned people at the polls? Surely that ought to change their minds about offering an extension on absentee ballots.

The only thing they are prepared for is to steal your resources and hostile corporate take overs.


I should have said money spent perhaps since the pentagon saps most of the money needed for anything else that matters.

All of these GOP gangsters disguised as legislative and judicial operatives are not just guilty of blatant voter suppression, they are are already guilty of premeditated murder and the murder counts will mount as voters, National Guard, chlorodrug cases and others are murdered by the GOP.

If the US ever reverses its half century slide into fascism there needs to be trials that dwarf the magnitude of the Nurenberg trials. With so many GOP gangsters with blood on their hands every cell in every detention center and prison, including Guantanamo will needed to house these criminals.

Biden may be pardoned for his complicity seeing how he is afflicted with dementia.


Let me be very clear about this. Tens of thousands of Wisconsinites will not receive their absentee ballots by Election Day BECAUSE OF THE PANDEMIC, THOUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s five conservatives just said: “Too bad. You don’t get to vote.”

Shades of Bush vs. Gore when SCOTUS ruled that adhering to the date of the inauguration was more important than actually counting the votes.


Fuck this government.


“One of the problems with knowing very little about the Trump family’s finances,” the New York Times columnist Jamelle Bouie wrote, “is when the president gets fixated on something like hydroxychloroquine, we don’t know if it reflects his obsession with quick fixes and miracle cures or if he’s trying to juice an investment.”

Untested Covid-19 Treatment Trump Talks Up Can Have Fatal Side Effect, Cardiologists Warn


Get your facts straight. Progressives did not give away the Supreme Court.

Sanders supporters voted for Clinton in higher numbers than supporters of any previous primary loser.

Clinton lost because she was a a lousy candidate. You can blame that loss on the DNC. They should have had an honest primary.


The Fascist Duopoly will never allow a progressive government…without a lot of blood spilled

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You do remember that Clinton won the popular vote by some three million, don’t you?

Two words for you: Electoral College.

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