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'One of the Most Callous Sentiments Ever Uttered' by US President: Trump Falsely Says Covid Death Toll Not So Bad 'If You Take Blue States Out'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/17/one-most-callous-sentiments-ever-uttered-us-president-trump-falsely-says-covid-death

The Fascists value callousness; hasn’t that been understood?

Decrying the lack of civility is pointless when dealing with them. Reasoning is pointless with them. Appealing to their conscience is pointless.

a one-sided civil war is being waged. “the Left” is every bit as in denial about that reality as “the Right” is about, say, climate change. By all means, vote if doing so makes you feel better. i plan to. Understand that it’s an absolute charade, though - voting isn’t how Fascism is beaten back.


Sign of a sociopath. Immune from mistakes and can do no wrong.
It’s always someone else’s fault .

“No one does anything wrong given their model of the world.”

Time for a New Model.


It’s like both these clowns are trying to mobilize the others’ bases.

A master class in how to screw up an election from Candidates Yin and Yang.

I eagerly await the more cultivated humanity of Mr Biden to take the sting out of the more obvious psychopathy of Candidate Yin.


"Trump’s remark will “be remembered as one of the most callous sentiments ever uttered by an American president… if it’s remembered at all.”

" In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies , but the silence of our friends." - Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is, regardless what some think, an existential moment in US and world history. The failure to respond to tyranny and neo-fascist acts of depravity and Crimes Against Humanity… The empowerment of the worst in the human mind.
" The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing ”― Edmund Burke

If, by whatever means or failure to act/vote or actual complicity to evil, this hideous malignant creature & his regime filled with people like AG Barr are given 4 more years, the first 4 will only be a beginning, a hint at what they will do, with no restraint - no limits, no holding-back, to the ignorant, devoid or empathy depraved indifference, negligent (or intentional) homicide, war against Iran, environmental catastrophe and destruction/pollution of the Natural World by this truly evil regime, whatever good there is left in our republic and planet will be exterminated or made a further mockery in the image of “lord trump”.

For some to apparently see an equivalence between THIS greater evil demonstrated and spoken every hour or day, and a “lesser” imagined regime, regardless the history and record of despicable acts does NOT compute!

ANY crystal-ball imagining or supposed evil and betrayals by a biden regime (& those in HIS cabinet, etc) cannot possibly come close to the truths we see every day, demonstrated and spoken by the rotten fish-head, his Cabinet & AG, to his racists and corporate thieves in the streets!


Blatantly divisive individual that dismisses the fact that he presides over an entire, militarily powerful nation and not just the lunatic fringe. He should never hold any office. Not sure I would even trust him as a garbage collector as he obviously has no control over the garbage spewing from his mouth.


From the Atlantic:

There Won’t Be a Clear End to the Pandemic

The collective sense of closure we’re all longing for may never arrive. Instead, brace for a slow fade into a new normal.



Trump is everything the Republicans want him to be. He is almost everything wealthy people want him to be. The wealthy class in this country don’t care any more about the 99% than Trump does, they’re just less overtly callous about it. All Trump’s offenses are, for the wealthy class, embarrassing reminders of how they regard us every day because they don’t want these things said out loud. But, in truth, to them, we’re all “losers” and “suckers.” And, to us–or to me, anyway–they are all Trumps (some just act more polite). Until we overthrow them in revolution and redistribute their wealth, they’re not wrong.


The only one needed to be ‘taken out’ is Trump himself. He and his ilk breed insanity that will continue to escalate.unless forced to stop.


COVID, Climate Change, unemployment, deaths o’ disparity ain’t nothing but a business opportunity. If you’re a wealthy, connected, white and male… it’s their feeding time, chum?

Time to STOP ignoring why NYC’s fatality rate was so high (silly platitudes, pearl-clutching, media obfuscation aside!)

~https://time.com/5888024/50-trillion-income-inequality-america/ (escaping NYC, delayed monitizing 24K deaths)

~https://www.propublica.org/article/two-coasts-one-virus-how-new-york-suffered-nearly-10-times-the-number-of-deaths-as-california (could’ve saved how many thousands?)


~https://www.blackagendareport.com/freedom-rider-democrats-climate-change-lies (please, donate to BAR!)



Hitler wrote Mein Kampf - Trump uses the podium and Tweets to telegraph his fanatical followers, which is what this message and others like it actually are.

The wealthy stand by - mute, with exceptions.


Well he might shut up for a while if this hits the msm:


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In case any have not seen the comments by Marianne Williamson from the People’s Convention, here it is. I think she makes extraordinary sense. She was not given any real time to express her views in the prez “debate” charades but this video allows her a platform to express her views and truth…

The thing that makes this so powerful for me is she is speaking extemporaneously, without notes or teleprompter, but from her mind and heart, her truth. a very-far contrast from most politicians, especially the current malignant regime, I deem an existential threat to far too much.



Liar Trump and Liar Biden are merely two of the Hydra’s many menacing heads, Pelosi and Barr and the Kochs are a few of the others. Each time we cut off a head it is quickly replaced by other heads, and this process will continue to befuddle us until we learn how to slay the Hydra itself.


No, it isn’t. After we rid ourselves of Trump we start agitating to end capitalism. The true left needs to be resurrected To balance the reactionary scales.


That always makes a difference to me too.


While I certainly agree with you concerning the egregious and harmful rhetoric of Trump that does not then mean, as you state in your least sentence, that whatever Biden does cannot ever come close to exceeding what Trump has said and done [though you probably meant to say lies instead of truth]. When it comes to foreign policy, a subject which so many Americans have little interest in, it needs to be pointed out that the bellicose Biden may very well be worse than Trump. It is extremely doubtful if the people in the Middle East and Africa would not have harsh words to say against the neoliberal Biden if they were to see their loved ones ripped to pieces by Biden’s 500 lb. bombs and drone missiles and which is what his former boss Barack Obama did when he was in office.

“There is a demand today for men who can make wrong appear right.”-Terence [circa 190-159 BC], Roman playwright


The greater evil is playing their duopoly’s game, by their ever changing rules. Sharks only sense our blood & our FEAR? Trump’s gig is simply to make us easier to fork off the cliff?

~https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2020/09/thousands-of-new-york-long-haulers-struggle-with-covid-19-months-after-diagnosis.html (FIRE & PhARMA slavers at COVID 2.0)

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To all of you I suggest you watch the 83 minute film UNFIT. It’s about Trump and how he is in no way able to carry out his duties as president. It also is a great deal more on how Trump is what we all know he is, a Fascist, who will destroy this country. You can stream this film on several of your favorite places online. My wife and I watched it on PRIME.


Yet more stark evidence of the differences between Trump/GOP and Biden/Democrats.
Despite the fact that the country is divided between Trump/Q-Anon/police groupie/Confederacy cultists and the rest of us, you never hear Biden or any other Democrat attempting to break the country apart and polarize its citizens against each other the way Trump constantly does.
Trump is following a fascist playbook, and is dismantling our country from within. He is a cheerleader for the death of our citizens and our country.
Purge Trump and the GOP this November.
Your life depends on it!