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One of the Nation's Largest Unions Just Endorsed Bernie Sanders



HOORAY! Now let's hope the membership exercises their right to vote after Sanders makes the ticket.

Go Bernie, Go!


Look who just caught up! I mentioned this in the comment section of another story hours ago. Will you be late to the revolution too?


Yep. Let's hope the Communication Workers of America communicate their decision to others...lol

It is quite amazing that this election is becoming so intense and exciting. Bernie really looks like he may do it!!! Go Bernie.

Not only that but Trump the oligarch versus Sanders the populist is almost epic in historicity! Wow.

It really is getting exciting to see Bernie gaining so much support!


"It is no secret that the founder of DFA—my friend and fellow Vermonter former Gov. Howard Dean—has chosen not to support my candidacy. Yet the leadership of DFA allowed a fair and free vote to take place which we won. That’s pretty impressive."

What would be TRULY impressive, would be if "the leadership of USA allowed a fair and free vote to take place."


Now all we need is for the MSM to mention Bernie every now and then and he'll trounce La Clinton. But they won't. Apparently only Trump is running...


GO BERNIE GO! a wonderful and up day for the 99%. thanx Bernie for hanging in there.


Interesting point here is that the membership actually voted and Bernie won that election. Have to wonder who the National Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association would have endorsed if they believed in democracy and had their members vote on who to endorse.



So Glad to hear this!!!

We need some good news---


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It'd be something...lol.

I came away very disappointed in Trump as an American. I wouldn't have voted for him in any case but he threw some low blows and very un-American ones too but then so did the other repubs. I seriously wondered about fascism in America.

I have always warned against electronic fascism and Total information Awareness (corporate or otherwise) but Trump's talk implies jackboot fascism of detention camps and worse. Very sad. He betrays who we are inside. His vision of America is of another America and not this one.

There was another Germany that arose under the Nazis. That is what I mean by another America. Not us. Another and very different America as if existing in another universe... an alternate world America...it is worrisome.


The media are always leaving out O'Malley. He's much better than the other 2 Dems. They should focus more on him & leave out Sanders & Clinton & yes, Trump even though he's from the other party. Freedom of the press doesn't mean freedom to be biased.


True, I imagine a lot of people that do not get their news from the net think that only Trump and HRC are viable candidates and many that are asked about Bernie probably answer: " Bernie who " !


Now would be a great time for teachers everywhere to get the NEA and AFT to rescind their endorsements of HRC. They should go down fighting on this one.


You ROCK, CWA! Go Bernie.


Seems like Howei sold out right after they savaged him and then offered him lucrative positions.


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Just yesterday, Clinton to great fanfare announces the endorsement of one single person for being . . . a billionaire! God bless the tin ears of the Hillary Clinton campaign.


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