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'One of the World's Most Respected Intelligence Services': Bolsonaro's Bring-Your-Son-to-the-CIA Day


'One of the World's Most Respected Intelligence Services': Bolsonaro's Bring-Your-Son-to-the-CIA Day

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Nearly 55 years after the CIA backed a coup d'état that overthrew Brazil's democratically-elected government, the nation's right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro raised eyebrows on Monday with an unusual and unannounced trip to the U.S. spy agency's headquarters in Virginia.

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Glenn Greenwald on Bolsonaro:




O fascismo está vivo no Brasil!
(Fascism is alive in Brazil!)



Totally outrageous.The man is the worst of the worst. The CIA sinks to new depths.

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Why not visit the head office of the Guys he is working for? He had to pick up his work assignments.

He just has to remember it a job for life and he can not pursue a new career like Hussein and Noriega had tried when they decided to go independent.



Maybe Bolzo was misquoted. Words become slurred when you have your head up Trump’s a…

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Everything is wrong here, there is little doubt…but…to open the Amazon up to cancer will aid the destruction of our lives all that much faster. The lungs of the planet cannot withstand too much more of this assault on it’s well being.




I’m sure they will throw him some drug trafficking side work, if he needs the extra spending money.

I can only imagine the open arm greeting and slap on the back he received when he arrived at Langley.



Hi UnclePo—lions and tigers and bears—oh my. If these Bolsonaro people are in charge----the Amazon is dead already. Bolsonaro beings death to Brazilians and coming soon—to the whole planet. : (

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Independent Journalist Eva Bartlett on Jimmy Dore-5 hours ago, reporting about how the United States government is responsible for killing Venezuelans by keeping medicines from entering the country.

The crisis in Venezuela is totally manufacturered by the Trump Administration.



Amazing isn’t, every morning we wake up and find out our govt. has sunk to a new low, when the night before, you think to yourself, they can’t possibly sink any lower.
We have become evil monsters (or maybe that’s who we’ve been all along).



As they always said in the spy biz, the old tricks are the best tricks.
This is simply the continuation of the CIAs oldest playbook. You know, the one they stole from the SS, on how to terrorize and control a population with targeted political killings, electoral malfeasance, and of course bashing babies heads off of rocks. The only difference these days is that, instead of the fascists having their meetings in the smoke filled back rooms of US embassies, they now feel bold enough to have them out on the open, with cameras rolling.
The day of reckoning is coming soon. This will not end well. All Hail the republic of Oceanna.



listening to this right now----and Maduro is the bad guy??? Two mob bosses meeting in the White House. These questions need to be raised with all candidates running for president. Sen Gillibrand was on a town hall with Chris Hayes----I don’t think there was one foreign policy question let alone anything about Venezuela.

So now there are numerous candidates running saying DC is corrupt----will we ever see real reporting on this corruption? Gillibrand did speak about how the drug industry pushed powerful Opioids to drive up profits.

And Sen Klobuchar said she supports Trump policy on Venezuela-----maybe she should go hang out with the two mob bosses meeting in the White House.

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Is 6 feet too far down?

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We have become evil monsters (or maybe that’s who we’ve been all along).

Not “we”, “they”.

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Wouldn’t it be sad if after they succeed in blowing us the world, another world run by idiots rose from the ashes of this one?



Why here on CD keep referring to the US made coup installed Brazilian dictator as a president? This is especially wrong as the US continues to try to foment and make yet more coups in Nicaragua and Venezuela. In fact we have a coup right here at homw, where the loser of the popular voted in 2016 was installed into the White House because of Democrats that CD continues to support.

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Why do the most fascist countries always get to protect democracy?




I’ve found it best not to include myself in “us” or "we."

We have not become the monsters, unless we are aiding and abetting the monsters by keeping the Uniparty in business each election.

I don’t.

If you want to sleep at night, well, make the right choices for you.

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First we had Tony Blair; Bushs Poodle; now we have Bolsonaro ans Senor Guano; Trumps Poodles.