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One Out of Every 200 Children is Now a Refugee: UNICEF


One Out of Every 200 Children is Now a Refugee: UNICEF

Nika Knight, staff writer

Nearly 50 million children have been uprooted from their homes around the world, and 28 million of those are refugees fleeing violence and conflict—and "that is a conservative estimate," according to a UNICEF report published Tuesday.

"What can the future hold for these children—denied so much of what they need?"
—Anthony Lake, UNICEF
The total number of child refugees doubled between 2005 and 2015, the report says, and children now comprise half of all refugees despite accounting for less than a third of the global population.


America! Be Kind, Be Good!


How is it that the article, and the graphic presented in it, makes no mention of the refugee struggles in the Americas?
Perhaps some explanation can be found in the UNICEF report itself:

“As in other regions, most refugees in the Americas have found new
homes within the same region. Three-quarters of refugees from the
Americas have received asylum in Latin America and the Caribbean
(primarily in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and in Ecuador); an
additional 100,000 refugees from the Americas have settled in Northern
America (primarily in the United States and Canada)”—Uprooted >> Regional Perspective 3| The Americas, page 68

God forbid we should acknowledge something positive about the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela or Ecuador, eh? Kinda puts a dent in the on-going narrative of late.


It would be advantageous for the US to lead the way in providing free access to birth control, pregnancy counseling, pre- and post-partum care at home and around the planet. In addition, providing education and clean water to women and their families helps to keep populations in check. Start with the basics and reduce the number of children living in poverty/refugee camps or starving on all continents. Curb the use of drone warfare to subdue the perceived “enemies” and not waging war to bring peace would do wonders to stop the flow of refugees fleeing bombing, destruction, and loss of life. Just sayin’


It is an even worse situation in America where 1 in 30 children are homeless. OH WAIT! You didn’t want to include that kind of refugee in your statistics?