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One Percenters Get Their Own Special Social Welfare Deal


One Percenters Get Their Own Special Social Welfare Deal

Leo Gerard

One percenters have it all, extra houses, extra cars, even an exclusive legal defense if they kill, “affluenza,” to keep them out of jail.

But until last week, they felt unfairly denied access to the benefits of social welfare organizations, United Way, Habitat for Humanity and the like. Now, these are rich people, so they wanted special social welfare groups, ones that would solely benefit rich people. And that’s exactly what they got.


Watch the documentary, albeit a long one, "JFK to 911, Everything the Rich Man Does is a Trick." Get mad; get really mad.


Not to defend Obama, but in defence of the author ...

Gerard sez: "The IRS tried to write rules governing these groups, but Senate Majority
Leader Mitch McConnell did the bidding of right-wingers and inserted in
last year’s spending bill two provisions to stop that."


The Koch brothers will soon follow suit, to be sure. What an ugly Pandora's Box has been opened. Would that one of the released demons should occupy McConnell's corpse and Rove's, too. Tax cheats on steroids. And the public wonders why cities and states go bankrupt, schools close, and every public service mysteriously becomes privatized...costs soar and poverty skyrockets. Connect the GD dots!


This is so fucking ridiculous pardon my Anglo Saxon. Thanks to Leo Gerard and Common Dreams for putting it in front of me, i had not heard of this ruling.

Right up there with Zuckerberg's personal LLC, to which he tax-exempt "donates" his looted billions, to great acclaim...

Time is surely growing short for this phase of history.


Very interesting to read. One can't but feel that it is therefore the duty of highly influential organizations like the USW and AFL-CIO to wholeheartedly endorse Sanders för president.


Haven't most of them already endorsed HRC? Most union leadership is corrupt as well.