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'One Person Standing in the Way': Abysmal Jobs Report Puts New Pressure on McConnell for Covid Relief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/04/one-person-standing-way-abysmal-jobs-report-puts-new-pressure-mcconnell-covid-relief

A bill with impunity for corporations is absolute abuse of power.


Dem “leadership” is already spouting the refrain - “with Biden coming in as President, we’ll get what we really want in the next one.” How many times have we heard that reasoning. Pelosi will never admit that her strategizing is horribly unsuccessful for the people.


By the way, why can’t you just grow it in the garden and be totally unmolested?

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400000 left the labor market is code for their unemployment ran out and they still can’t find a job.


Tiny Tim catches Covid as his family is evicted into the winter snow. Mitch McScrooge gift wraps tax breaks and stuffs stockings full of Get-Off-Scot-Free cards to Lump of Coal Inc.
It was the best of times (for the rich).
It was the worst of times (for everyone else).


Are you talking about MJ? That subject is on another page but where I live I can grow it out here in the wild west.

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what is your favorite Charles Dickens’ story?

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Marie Antoinette’s arrogant “Let them eat cake” echoes thru the Senate chambers…


McConnell is worried about Georgia-----otherwise he would do nothing----and if he holds the Senate forget it. These people like Dore and Greenwald are on fox telling people to stop the Democrats??? Repubs will not vote for a military??? When Dems get control they get all nervous and don’t know what to do-----because they have no excuss to the base. The deception is deep.

Democrats control Calif------Calif is the place to attack Democrats and push a real progressive agenda. But this might work----so it won’t happen.

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Seems like only yesterday, the Repubs lead by Moochkin offered
Pelosi 1.8 T. Said she was holding out for more and settled for .9 T?
As that great mathematician Jethro Bodine said:
‘I may not can figure but I can cipher’.


But what is in that bill??? They just spent 3 1/2 Trillion???Where did it go??? If this second bill passed before the election I think Trump would have been re-elected. And if this current bill passes it will help repubs hold the Senate.

And as some are realizing this downturn is not just the virus it’s an economy with massive debt that can’t function beyond 0 interest rates. And with Repubs in charge of the Senate people are screwed.

Did Pelosi get ANY credit for $600. benefit she and dems pushed through-----NONE! This was a political blunder on her part.


What does your comment to do with the article? They are talking about the Senate.

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My favorite Dickens tale, handsdown,

The Muppet Christmas Carol!

At least those animals are cute and it is common knowledge there is a hand up their backside moving their lips unlike that creepy turtle and his ilk in the senate.

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BREAKING NEWS 400,000 OUT OF THE JOB MARKET-----NOT!----did it make it on page 5------page 12-----maybe in the opinion section—is there any REAL news reported any more??? We live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE. My local paper does not carry local news—it is shipped from another state??? The local stations give you weather sports and all the feel good stories. They will report a shooting but never really investigate??? I think their reporters are interns from high school??? Don’t want to make the police look bad.


NIce ! I like your response.

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Despite a few bright moments, the world has been spinning downhill as far as I can remember. At first the plans unfolded slowly, now we are in full tilt. Only those who have carved out a piece to regenerate will thrive and even that is only 50% possible. Most of the world is encapsulated in a corporate/police and the rest of it is either burning up or flooded.

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