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One Pig Of A Year


One Pig Of A Year

The latest ugly tantrum by our sociopathic toddler-elect - best response: "You're an awful human being" - marks the perfect end to this shitstorm of a year, from Aleppo to election to Bowie/Cohen/Fisher to Istanbul. Alas, given what might be coming, any mindful welcome to a new year has to encompass dread with hope. So we have both. So do many others: Some brilliant, brutal, occasionally sanguine videos tell of it. Peace to all. May we stand together.


Given the track record we have to acknowledge that the 'American' is either mad or insane.
My choice is that he is mad.
Let me explain:
Those who are insane are not responsible for what they do.
Mad people, as anyone who has had a mad time knows, are being so by choice.
There is no problem in this if any mad identity they assume is for fun, i.e. that they take care and ensure no harm is done.
I hope all who read this have been mad for fun. Its lovely. It is risky. Read on!
Insane people need medication and consultation. Love and care.
Being so by choice, mad people, need to be disciplined and their chosen identities and actions declared infra dig (i.e beneath human dignity) if their chosen identity is harmful and destructive.
Cancel 'America' for 'Americans' have chosen to be destructively mad by choice.
In the beginning is the word


Quite mad as a proposition but I'm on board.


Hope that all in their day have the respect to pause and reflect in a pure moment of madness.


Yes, well mad dogs and Englishmen and all that
Amazing what we have to do to protect our sanity