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One Scot's Take on Trump Presidency as 'Twilight Zone' Goes Viral


One Scot's Take on Trump Presidency as 'Twilight Zone' Goes Viral

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Offering a glimpse into how the international community perceives the pending inauguration of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, a Scottish newspaper's satirical take on the event, which it casts as a return episode of the "The Twilight Zone," has gone viral in recent days.


The Twilight Zone is now making FAKE REALITY TV!!! SAD!!!


Love it!
How do I find it to view?


yeah, just wait, some people will confuse this new fake news with reality.


LOL. Good luck not being able to view it. Unless you have a warm cave waiting for you somewhere.


I remember many of the stories on "The Twilight Zone".
For those of you who are too young to have watched it, the host was Rod Sterling.
I bet that if we were to watch them all again, many of them would not be so unbelievable as we may have thought when we watched it many decades ago.


I guess the Outer Limits will be next....... There is nothing wrong with your television set, just the "Thing" you elected to become President.


I've seen a few T.Z. episodes lately that were shockingly prescient of our current dilemma.


Rod Serling. I loved watching the Twilight Zone shows...all were very thought-provoking and memorable with each addressing very important and provocative issues. Many of the shows launched the careers of several actors with Robert Redford being one. David Carradine was another.

The reality is our theater macabre...starring the flaming orange Satan.


"Outer Limits" usually followed "The Twilight Zone" but my parents would not let me stay up late enough to watch many of the OL programs.


I was only able to watch it after it became syndicated.:angry:


I guess if he doesn't have eggs thrown at him like Bush had, je should be ok.


"Unfortunately now Trump will invade Scotland."

He already Has. This is Payback for that Golf Course.
Which he has now announced plans to Expand.