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One Simple Test for Any Lawmaker Voicing Outrage Over Trump's Deference to Putin: Stop Brett Kavanaugh


One Simple Test for Any Lawmaker Voicing Outrage Over Trump's Deference to Putin: Stop Brett Kavanaugh

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the American public and U.S.


Safe Dems.

Are they the politicians who only take money from selected sources? DNC approved sources?


we must stop him from becoming a judge. to go back 50 years and have a president not being held responsible for his wrong decisions is mind numbing


Lots of Voicing as usual, but never any real ACTION! Dont think anyone has a Clue on whats really going down. These stupid debates and analysis confuses all of it more! Shaddap and do something besides typing wortless opinions!


With regard to our current crop of congressional Ds, I’m pessimistic that they’ll do the right thing.

We pessimists are rarely disappointed, but are sometimes pleasantly surprised.


It is going to difficult to stop Kavanaugh. There are four Democratic senators from very conservative states. And with regard to getting Republicans to vote no there are millions of voters who are part of the Trump personality cult and whatever their leader says they follow. If he says vote against Republicans who vote no on Kavanaugh the members of the cult will dutifully do so. By being loyal followers of Trump they are relieved of having to make their own decisions and can simply follow what Trump says to do. There may be no Republicans who are willing to risk going against Trump on this one.


One Simple Test for Any Lawmaker Voicing Outrage Over Trump’s Deference to Putin: Stop Brett Kavanaugh

Yes, do. Who the hell wants Kavanaugh to give Trump a get out of jail card? We haven’t heard everything we need to hear yet.


Sorry, but the oligarchs will get rid of Trump before they get rid of the best nominee they can imagine for the plundering of even more wealth from the rest of us. They got their tax cut and two Supreme Court justices out of Trump so far (along with all the shit Sessions and Pruitt “accomplished”). The only thing left to complete the corporate coup and sink us 100% into fascism is another economic shock to initiate “austerity” and loot the social welfare funds. They may not want Trump in the Oval Orifice when that last step happens; they might prefer Pence for that.

Kavanaugh is a done deal; not because he’s Trump’s, but because he’s the oligarchs’ choice, which means all the politicians must toe the line and confirm him.


No doubt about it!