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One Ugly Summer: Is Latest Trump Rally Violence Just Taste of What's to Come?


One Ugly Summer: Is Latest Trump Rally Violence Just Taste of What's to Come?

Jon Queally, staff writer

One ugly summer.

If events in California outside a Donald Trump rally on Thursday night are any indication, the months ahead are likely to inspire more acrimony than political inspiration as billionaire media personality Donald Trump emerges as the Republican Party's presidential nominee.



There have been no “mass rapes” - that was shown to be a hoax perpetrated by the European fascists like PEGIDA. And all that needs to be known about Trump can be obtained by looking at his supporters.


Really, a hoax?


If they insist Hillary is the one, she will lose. Watch for the fear tactics to come out from now on. The Dems have a way of blaming Republicans and now Bernie supporters for everything that’s happened. When in fact, the weak Dems have allowed this to happen. Weak Dems will assure us a weak fight against Trump. Bernie has been kind to Hillary compared to what Trump will do. He’s going to trot out every nasty thing he can find on her and they will most likely be true. She is the weaker candidate.


So these folks would prefer a known murderer like HRC to someone who’s, like not? My how the true colors of people are starting to come out. This is one hell of an education as to what people really stand for. I suspect there are more truths to come out as we proceed down the road to election day. It’s gonna be ugly.


“…looking at his supporters”, eh"

Just what do you mean by that comment?


Trump will earn his credentials for being a murderer and torturer soon enough. He has openly advocated legalizing torture, and he supports the use of military force to defend so-called “US interests”.

By the way, aside from a few weak quibbles, Sanders supports militaristic, imperialistic US foreign policy too.


As someone who has been involved in vigorous protest, I understand that sometimes we need to do “property actions” to be heard and for the capitalist establishment to hear us. We broke windows of corporate chains in Pittsburgh, and Canadian anarchist and indigenous activists burned police cars in Toronto and New Brunswick. And if you don’t think that Trump represents the capitalist establishment but is some kind of “man of the people”, you are mistaken.


I have a feeling Trump will have her for lunch, and she doesn’t even have a clue. The DLC should be worried. Everyone has their breaking point, and I suspect after seeing her face-to-face reaction with the youthful Greenpeace activist a few weeks ago, she’ll come unglued big time before it’s over. No doubt, democrats are twice or thrice as mean and conniving as republicans ever were. It’s gonna get mean. But I’m predicting she’ll crack under pressure. Wait for it…


Thanks for your insight, Carnac the Magnificent.


Like the no-doubt Trump supporters who have repeatedly vandalized a Mexican grocery store and a Mexican restaurant in an adjoining neighborhood, in past months near where I live - spray painting “go back home” and the like.


All your citations are from non-credible, tabloid, and right-wing sensationalist sources. The RT article refers to only a single incident - and to regard the ethnicity or immigration status as a factor in the rape is racist. Another article (the right wing, web-tabloid “news.com.au”) was manifestly racist and vile.


Whatever one thinks of Trump, in my view, Hillary is the more effective evil because she pretends to want to be for the 99% and is really as most know on these threads, a war monger and a Wall Street whore. And there is little doubt about where Trump stands.

Bernie, the good; Hillary, the bad; and Trump, the ugly!


A thousand years from now people will look at us like we look at cavemen. Believing in myth and legends (Religion) and destroying the earth, ignorant humans.
Love George, philosopher/comedian he tells the truth, pointing out how absurd the human race is.

If you like George, watch Adam ruins everything he’s not as funny as George but he points out absurdity’s just like him.


Just who are ‘these folks’? No one I know will be voting for the actual mass murderer.


Yep. Bumpy either way, but I’ll still take HRC bumps to Trump Bumps. She’s a known quantity and at least knows how to say Tanzania . With TRUMP we enter a whole new realm call it TAN- ZANIA if you must, but personally I don’t want to go there ever.


What the powers that be fear and loathe more than anything else is loss of control. Lil’ Donnie Trump has deviated from the script and in so doing has caused a firestorm of angst over the possibility that he just might force the Republicans to make him their nominee for president by their own rules and nominating process.
That’s what all this sturm und drang (storm and stress–turmoil) over Lil’ Donnie’s candidacy is all about. As politically incorrect as it is think so, there are enough angry white men (and women!) among Republicans to give the nomination to Lil Donnie. Since Lil’ Donnie has virtually no coat tails nationally to enable the party regulars to maintain the indulgent lifestyle to which they have grown accustomed, there is existential panic in their ranks.
The Hillary was supposed to be destined to win the White House as yet another potent symbol candidate (first African-American, followed by the first woman, followed by ??? etc), but so long as Paul and Mitch controlled the house and Senate so what? “Obstructionism is us” has been the GOP slogan for the past 8 years, it could continue for another 8 years, unless…all those angry white men and women for Trump decide to either stay at home or vote for the opposition just to get rid of the same old crowd in DC.
After former speaker John Boehner (how is that last name pronounced again?!!) described Ted Cruz as “Satan incarnate”, that just leaves Governor Beige Bland (otherwise known as John Kaisich) unless…the cry goes out for JEB! as the compromise candidate that even Boehner could like–now that’s a loser who would not threaten the regular party apparatus. The odds of such happening are a million to one, but then so was Bernie Sanders’ candidacy)


I think anyone could speak for those that will bear the brunt of HRC’s bombs and bullets to say that they could give a sh*t about anyones command of the english language. But no worries, you’ll be safe Seadog.


I’m getting a bit tired of the lies in the comment section at CommonDreams. It’s one thing to argue over strategies/ideas/policies and to support or bash politicians or parties, but to claim outright falsehoods as true is disgusting.

Yes, there were a large number of rapes and sexual assaults committed by undocumented immigrants/refugees in Germany last New Year’s Eve.