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One Week of President Donald Trump


One Week of President Donald Trump

Bob Burnett

To get an idea of what to expect from Donald Trump for the next four years, we only have to examine his first week in office.


Seven days and so far no Reichstag fire but it is coming. Everyone opposed to Trump must prepare themselves for the incident of violence that he will seize upon. Typically, there is some kind of mass shooting in this country every few weeks, but unless it can be pinned on a targeted group, he will bide his time. When the Orlando or San Bernardino moment comes, we must understand that no matter how horrible the incident seems, Trump will lie to make it even worse and to justify extreme measures. Remember, he will always lie and every step he takes will be designed to destroy whatever democratic institutions we still have.


It really seems as if you are on the right track in your expectations Joe. Thanks for the post. Peace.


Thanks for the article Bob. It is so important to have a concise list of what is being done by this man and administration, especially in its early days when it has a lot of momentum. It is hard for those of us who have many other demands on our attention to keep abreast of what is going on. Cumulatively it is a waking nightmare. Today's decision to publish a weekly immigration crime list is indeed a disturbing sign of attempts to keep the public fearful and hostile to people who ... well, to people who can be used as scapegoats. And the hostility to the press is a distressing and all too familiar sign that the administration is trying its best to silence or at least delegitimize all opposition. There will be chaos and continual emotional tidal waves as long as this man is in power.


Buyers' Remorse [noun]: see U.S.A. 2017-->


Trump's clear mental decline that has been exacerbated by the responsibilities of "the residency" will likely lead to his resignation or impeachment within two years.


Don Benton was totally right to vote down the CRC I-5 bridge 'design' -
Ann Rivers was the other NO vote, give her credit, though her real understanding just how 'poorly designed' any double-deck bridge would be is not as set as Benton's. The first 3 years 2005-08 were mostly single-deck and are indeed near ready. Do Marine Dr Exch first for staging.
Washington congressman Don Benton has the daring to oppose those upper-class business elite who demanded his loyalty to party line. Could he somehow be persuaded to NOT make
the same kind of huge mistake?


I too am expecting s Reichstag fire or some other false flag event to justify an Trumpian/Republican attack on civil liberties here at home, as well as to instill fear among the sheeple. However, it might be a little harder to do something when P45 has pissed off the national security agencies whose help is critical to any such action.