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'One Word for This: Vandalism': Six Days Before Election, Trump Finalizes Plan to Decimate Largest National Forest

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/28/one-word-vandalism-six-days-election-trump-finalizes-plan-decimate-largest-national


Sounds like it’s time for the monkey wrench gang to go to work–sugar in the gas tanks, mysterious fires that destroy equipment, logging trails that become impassable, etc.


Is this article supposed to inform or guide anyone to respond appropriately? Are we to rely upon those quoted to take definitive action against ongoing corporate pillage and rape of Earth’s ecosystems? All this blather does is rely on the same green-washing corporate sell-out mainstream apologists for ecological devastation that have led to this point. NRDC, Greenpeace, and Congress have long abetted the massive corporate crimes against the living and physical environment, making deals and compromising our life-spring – all over the world. Trump’s crime is standing on the shoulders of all the willful collaborationists and conniving liars and corporate thugs who think the Earth is their property. It’s not, and those of us who care will defend and avenge to the last drop of corporate blood.


This goes beyond “vandalism”–it is ecocide and fury needs to be replaced by deliberate, determined acts and organizing to stop this destruction.Get ready.



There are many environmental organizations that are fighting against this.


With Amy Phony Barrett now seated, say goodby to any environmental regulations we have left. Any cases protecting the environment that make it to the Supreme Court are dead in the water.


She did what it would take to get that seat:

  1. Accept Trump’s nomination.
  2. Not answer the questions posed to her…

Now those glaring actions tells one much about her character.
She will go down in history joined at the hip with Trump… Oh the price one pays…


Let’s hope that one of the other conservative Supreme Court justices DROPS DEAD!

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We’ve been fighting republicans for, what, 2 to 3 decades or more on this through repeated environmental court battles which they’ve repeatedly lost because anyone with even half an ounce of measurable intelligence can see and understand the true uniqueness of this area, but now due to H L Menckin’s plain folks of the land finally giving the most dangerous organization in the world the lunatic psychopath they’ve so long desired the road has been cleared to clear cut a National Treasure.

Inexcusable greed and ignorance!

Traditionally presidents designate and set aside places like this at election time, he belongs along with the gop confined to a mental institution for lunatics.


The Nazi/Confederates are the true bastards.


Hi crucifixion_thorn:
Maybe this article is here to remind us that Trump never had covid…but he has had a lot of steroids—but possibly he is dying from being heartless and a creepy old man----Trump IS being Trump----he wants to take the whole world with him.
He’s doing a swell job of giving people covid. Besides, if he croaks after all the planet has been poisoned by corporations-- and all the creatures are dead-----then he has made Earth into Hell---- and that would make him a happy, but vicious old man without a shred of humanity in him----although did he ever have a shred of humanity?. He is the DESTROYER—and that has all that he ever wanted to be. : (


I’m thinking Clarence Thomas will retire after the election and, especially if Trump loses and the Democrats win the Senate, McConman will ram through another 40 something judge to replace him.

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If Trump loses, the whole country will be one gigantic fire sale to corporations. He’ll have an auction selling off the WH furniture and an “everything must go” sale of Smithsonian merchandise. “Old Faithful” brought to you by ExxonMobile.


Chief Seattle had it right-only when the last tree is cut down, the last pure water polluted, the last bit of land poisoned, the white man will finally realize he can’t eat money(which is a social fiction anyway).
Gaia will be so glad to see us go…


If nothing else by now has convinced people they need to get rid of this monster as soon as possible, this should do it along with his general pattern of continuous assault on the environment.


No doubt! That is the MO of these sadists.

…after Biden’s inauguration

Who put Tim DeChristopher in prison for just bidding on a public land auction without intent to destroy it? Obama did that.


Jill Stein tweets:

“As the world goes up in flames of war, warming, and everything in between, the corporate media and corporate parties collude to keep us locked in the deadly 2-party trap… even in a ranked-choice voting race! Watch @LisaForMaine fight back. Retweet to defy empire and censorship!”


Oh Beautiful for smoggy skies, insecticided grain,
For strip-mined mountain’s majesty above the asphalt plain.
America, America, man sheds his waste on thee,
And hides the pines with billboard signs, from sea to oily sea.

  • George Carlin