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One Year After Kunduz: Battlefields Without Doctors, in Wars Without Limits


One Year After Kunduz: Battlefields Without Doctors, in Wars Without Limits

Christopher Stokes

Today, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is remembering one of the darkest moments in its history. On 3 October 2015, U.S. airstrikes killed 42 people and destroyed the MSF trauma hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. As we grieve the loss of our colleagues and patients, we are left with the question: is it still possible to safely provide medical care on the frontline?


i suppose, certainly, war with “rules” is better than war without rules.

What we humans and the living Earth absolutely need is a world without war.

The “leaders” who continue to lead us all on a path to utter destruction of civilization and ecology, are fools and insane.

Those among us with shreds of wisdom and sanity, must organize and intervene as best we can to stop these “leaders” from completing their omnicide.


You MSF medical staff are great, courageous, kind, serious and principled; would that those who make war could be the same, war would be less common. I support you financially and morally.
How is it possible that we have come to the state of affairs in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere, where medical facilities are deliberately/casually bombed? Are soldiers and civilians now, more than in other wars like WW I and II, fought by and in areas where they were light skinned Europeans–thought to be more expendable? Is big power might fully overshadowing everyone’s human rights?
During Vietnam, I remember Henry Kissinger ordered the bombing of a hospital in North Vietnam, so I guess it isn’t unprecedented, but the number and frequency now is. And the bombing of whole cities in Germany in WW II, definitely destroyed medical sites and killed civilians, en masse. War is a crime.


More “opportunities” for capitalist cons.


Why are the people who negotiate and sign these agreements in a very safe environment even paid? They know from experience that all that paper is wasted.