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One year after the Israeli military assault on Gaza


One year after the Israeli military assault on Gaza

Jewish Voice for Peace

WASHINGTON - Available for interviews: One year after Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s military assault on Gaza, Jewish Voice for Peace members reflect on Jewish opposition to the war, and the growth of the movement for Palestinian freedom and equality.



Thx for the encouragement article. I’m disgusted by Israel’s actions. 1–in addition to the deaths statistics, I’d like you to run the injured and severely injured (those with lasting effects, besides PTSD) stats and the number of dwellings destroyed and families left homeless or bereft. 2-- I’d like you to pursue the Democratic prez candidates and make them explain their past and current positions on Israel’s aggression and hegemony and their plans for dealing with Israel if elected. “I support a two-state solution” is nowhere near an acceptable answer, IMO. Thanks.


I do not remember which of the several Israeli campaigns against Gaza in which this occurred, but I recall reading the results of a poll that claimed 3/4 of US “Jews” approved of the slaughter. Personally, I think those people have lost the right to claim they are religiously Jewish, because they are religiously Zionist. Another interpretation is that Judaism is an evil religion, like the “Christianity” of so many in USA who approve of slaughtering people for various reasons.