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One Year Later: Still No Justice For Tamir Rice


One Year Later: Still No Justice For Tamir Rice

Terrance Heath

One year ago this week, Cleveland, Ohio police shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice within two seconds of encountering him. There is still no justice for Rice and his family. If the prosecutor has his way there will be no justice for Tamir Rice.


Yes, Mr. Heath is right in everything he said, and justified in his belief that there is less and different justice for children of his son's race. This makes me sick, and ashamed to be an American. I think many Americans who want equal treatment for all races and creeds must come to the conclusion that it is those of color in this country who must, by necessity, lead the struggle for that justice and that equal treatment, as the leaders and power structure, mostly white, have not the courage or integrity or humanity to do so. Thank goodness for Black Lives Matter, and the students' movements across this country.


What really sickens me is yet another demonstration of gross corruption through to the top of so many police departments. They defend their killer cops to the hilt, lying through their teeth until the bitter end. Three such killings I read about yesterday, with the same level of departmental defense despite the subsequently released evidence demonstrating how much they lied. The country needs a total clearout of these damnable liars who have become enablers of murderers in their ranks.


As you say, the level of corruption is out of control, and we know these cops won't change their behavior until they are forced to. In some ways they remind me of the psychopaths on Wall St -- in both instances they will continue to do what they have been doing b/c they know someone will protect, lie, and bail them out. Obviously, the behavior of far too many cops in far too many cities is totally out of control, and that will not change until ALL police officers who shoot young Black kids are charged with, and convicted of murder -- if these thugs have to stop and consider that they might go to prison if they make a wrong decision it will encourage them to think b4 they act.


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I posted this comment on the Laquan McDonald article: my husband and I were talking earlier today when we started talking about the chi-cop who killed Laquan McDonald, and my husband remembered that 40 years ago in Gering NE when he was a cop he and his compatriots were issued bullet-proof vests and required to wear them every time they reported for duty ... if a town of 20,000 had the wherewithal to require their cops to have and wear a bulletproof vest back in 1975 then there is seriously no doubt that big cities like Chifuk issue them w/o a second thought! And that means that NO cop EVER has to worry that some 17-year-old kid is going to kill them with a paring knife! TO WIT: every time a cop kills a young black kid for walking down a street it is obviously PREMEDITATED MURDER b/c they thought about it just long enough to realize with their bullet-proof vest there was absolutely no danger their lives were IN danger!


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See what I mean? The vid you just described PROVES this was a PREMEDITATED MURDER! This is the key fact that should get us out in the streets and in the courtrooms INSISTING that these TERRORISTS are sent to prison [preferably GITMO with all its attendant 'extras' 😝]!