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One Year Later: The Political Cancer Metastasizes


One Year Later: The Political Cancer Metastasizes

Neal Gabler

America was never what it had purported to be.

Marine One


The tax scheme needs to clarified. Most are not seeing it because it seems too simple.

  1. US government borrows money

  2. US government gives the money it borrowed to rich people.


Thank you, Neal, for a well-written reality check.


Republicans are not 40% of americans.

Republicans are less than 20% of voting age americans and democrats are maybe 25%.

Half the people don’t vote because they know US democracy is odd.


The statistics that you state may be true, or not. What matters is that, somehow, in our great “democracy”, Republicans have majority control of our entire Federal Government, and a majority of the States as well.


U.S. intelligence agencies tell the public that Russia interfered with the presidential election.
Putin denies it.
Don sides with Putin - publicly.

If that isn’t technically treason or sedition, might it be at least considered impeachable?

When pressed (in my lifetime) to place country over party in this crisis, the Republicans quite predictably choose their party.


Trump said, “I’m the only one THAT matters…” At least, don’t clean up his grammar for him."


This article is absolute bullshit. As an example:

White supremacists are not likely to forget that one of their hatemongers took the presidency.

Most of our presidents have been white supremacists. Woodrow Wilson was an openly racist POS.

and he’s not the only one…

White bigots know that for most of the history of the US, racists have been in control.


For years I and others have periodically posted links to explanations of the ‘exponential factor’. Rarely if ever is it acknowledged as being at play in the hyper media manipulation, THE god of all things corporate and political. Since the nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays, shaped the big sell - most memorably of big tobacco and women smoking, human beings in social groups might see themselves naively in one way, while the marketing industry breaks them and their behaviours down into statistics that can be manipulated, shaped and the amount of their income separated from their life into the pocket of manufacturers. The making ‘products’ designed specifically to fall apart - ‘planned obsolescence’ now underlies (emphasis on lies) the marketing of political life with very few exceptions.

One of the reasons that the diseased spectrum of logic of ‘derivatives’ now permeates the body politic and economic is that it has such perfect inverse resonance with ‘externalized costs’ and ‘planned obsolescence’ and with wiggly fingered Friedmanesque predictions of bullshit like “stagflation”.

Yuppers, if you can’t dazzle them with genius then by all means baffle them with bullshit.

The man and situation are the absolutely predictable consequence of the system - but only if you apply the premise of the exponential factor in broad spectrum full system overview.


First of all, what we refer to Trumpism is not unique to the United States. This is an international movement. Generally it is called white nationalism or ultranationalism. It is probably strongest in France among the Western European countries. Leaders of this movement have also gained power in Poland iand Hungary. You can think of it as a reaction against the values of the enlightenment. To the Steve Bannons of the world the thinkers that gave us the enlightenment got it wrong. To get right they want to return to the values that preceded the enlightentment. This movement is largely based on using lies to generate anger. This is exactly what Trump did to win. He lied about many thing including crime statistics. The idea is to use lies to generate anger against non-whites and Jews. This is why it ia absolutely essential to defend the free press. Trump’s strategy is to convince people the press is putting out fake news. Some of his opponents on the left are actually saying the same thing and while not meaning to do so are helping his cause. We must defend science. Trump is also attacking science as part of his strategy. Fortunately everyone on the left defends science. Trump is also attacking the universities as part of his strategy. It is paramount to defend the universities since their mission is to search for the truth. Truth is like kryptonite to Trump. He has to destroy the truth to survive. His political survival is based on lies about blacks, Muslims, and Hispanics at the moment and other groups will be included after time if he is not stopped. This is not a battle between liberalism and conservatism. This is a battle being democracy and fascism.


Fascism is also on the march in Polard.

From the link below, “Some participants marched under the slogan “We Want God!”, words from an old Polish religious song that the US president, Donald Trump, quoted during a visit to Warsaw earlier this year.”


“Across the board, Democratic prospects in 2018 look promising, if the Democrats don’t manage to screw things up, which is a very big if.”

Depends on whether Democrats follow their billionaire Wall Street donors or the great majority of voters by limiting their campaign contributions to $27.


A VERY Big “IF” indeed . . . . and based on what we’ve seen from the DNC in the past year or so – especially the past few days – I’m NOT very optimistic.   If they wrap themselves in the warm glow of last week’s election results – primarily due to voters’ rejection of Tweetle-Dumb, NOT support for NeoLiberalist B.S. – then the DNC will yet again fail to respond to the desperate needs of the vast majority of Americans.

Wasn’t the limit for induhvidual donations $200 before the ‘Citizens United’ debacle?  IMHO, that’s a way more realistic figure.  Bernie’s $27 AVERAGE was based on a lot of $5 and $10 donations supported by quite a few in the $50 - $200 range, IIRC.  A $27 LIMIT would likely result in an $8 or $9 average — that’s WAY too low to finance a campaign against Wall Street’s minions.


My recollection is the limit on individual donation is around $2,700. If someone contributes more than $200 it is supposed to be reported to the federal government. I believe that is the $200 limit you are referring to. As I remember the Sanders campaign failed to report a lot of people who gave more than $200. I’ve have never really been clear whether the $27 referred to each donation or to cumulative donations of individuals. I think it is unrealistic to believe the Democrats can do well in 2018 without taking large contributions. Sometimes the person who spends the least wins but it is taking a chance. This past election in my county the Republican had millions to spend on negative TV ads. It seems like every commercial break one of these ads was running. He lost but still negative advertising is believed to be quite effective and without campaign finance reforms I think many Democrats are going to try to avoid losing because the Republican is outspending them, particularly on TV ads. The Democrats are going to have a hard time winning in many caese if the playing field is tilted in favor or the Republicans with regard to campaign contributions.


Not to mention gerrymandering . . .


And voter suppression The Democrats led by Eric Holder have started to raise money to wage a battle to improve the gerrymandering situation. But even if successful the results will not be seen until 2022. We clearly need a fairer way to draw congressional districts and legislator districts in the states. If the state legislator races are biased by gerrymandering then the Congressional districts will be.


This article decries Trump. We all decry Trump.

Which sounds like the perfect opportunity for the Dems to rerun their “We’re Not as Bad” strategy.

And rerun their “Abandon the Working Class and Embrace Suburban Moderates” strategy.

And the perfect opportunity for the D-Party apologencia to help hoodwink the liberals into holding their noses.

You know, because Trump.


Neal, nice article but I will take issue with your statement that we crossed a threshold electing the carnival-barker, huckster from Queens; we really crossed that threshold when we swallowed the obvious lie of the war on terror and turned a blind eye to the destruction of 5 middle east countries - war waging purposely to destabilize those countries under the obvious fraud of terror attacks – we’ve been pulling some evil trix for many years going back to the Dulles boys in the 50s but we truly crossed that threshold in 2001 but as my foreign friend once said to me, “you get the government you deserve”


The article does a disservice to the cause of freedom by putting the
label of “freedom” on the cause of bigotry and resentment.

It also claims that the bully won the 2016 presidential election. In
fact, Republicans stole it with voter-suppression laws that changed
the result in some states. Let’s not legitimize their crooked
“victory”. Of course, Clinton’s plutocratic views helped; Sanders as
candidate might have overcome the Republican rigging.