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One Year of America’s First White President


One Year of America’s First White President

Robert Weissman
A man elected to the highest office in the land not just as the beneficiary of white privilege but as an advocate of white supremacy.
"Tallying the devastation wreaked by the Trump administration is a depressing enterprise." (Photo: Lorie Shaull/flickr/cc)


Sure, it’s nice to keep track but it is meaningless unless it is stopped and reversed.


Trump was elected to support the interests of white people so he is carrying out campaign promises for his constituency. He is only a president for his white supporters. He doesn’t represent the entire country and he has no intention of doing that. But whatever Trump has done we should be much more concerned about the movement behind him than Trump himself. It isn’t clear if Trump is actually a fascist but the white nationalist movement that elected him is clearly a fascist movement. It meets all the criteria that define fascism. And even more frightening is that many people in the moment support eliminationism. That is a view that all non-white and non-Christians must in some way be eliminated from the United States or made completely subservient. Through the internet and other means this white nationalist movement is growing. So far we have been spared paramilitary groups causing havoc, but the US version of German brownshirts and Intalian blackshirts could emerge, if not while Trump is president perhaps under an even more extreme right winger who follows him. This menace is growing and needs to be stopped.


On the other hand, it is important to review the totality of what is being proposed and done. It would be good if it were presented to the General Population in a summary such as this.


Agreed, I guess, because last night I went through the WP site and read what is happening with the DOI. It took 3 articles to fully explore what Zinke has done so far. Our government is being gutted like a fresh kill out in the field. It will never recover. Bannon wanted to dismantle the administrative state, they have done just that in 1 year. This little article doesn’t even come close to the complexities of what has transpired.


This good article in a nutshell: Trump is living in the right house; the White House!


Who else remembers when somebody dubbed William Jefferson “Billy Cigars” Clinton the nation’s first black president, following a not entirely lame sax solo on late-night TV?

HIs first and only display of soul…