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One Year On, Reflecting and Refining Tactics to Take Our Country Back


One Year On, Reflecting and Refining Tactics to Take Our Country Back

Mark Schuller
"2018 will only be a pivotal year if we are prepared to do the work."


There is so much to do. I think the most important thing is getting out the vote. People are working on registration drives. There is a need to overcome voter suppression efforts. For people on the left the best strategy for federal elections would seem to be support who they want in the Democratic primary if there is one and then vote for whatever Democrat is running against the Republican. This literally seems to be an emergency situation with fascism at the door so it seems like a particularly bad time to vote for a third party candidate or to stay home. Right now it looks like there is a good chance that 2018 will turn into a stinging defeat for Republicans who are either white supremacists or willing to support one in the White House. But people need to show up on election day and actually casts votes to try to make that happen.


If the Democrats fail to stand up to Trump and the Republicans on the DACA/shutdown issue, it may be one failure too many if they expect to restore confidence in the party for that all important turnout in November. Their recent votes to help pass an obscene defense budget, not to mention voting to give Trump and the government more surveillance powers doesn’t give the appearance of a party that wants to change. Bad as Trump is, a large voter turnout in November is anything but certain. The Democratic party has a long way to go to restore voter trust and very short time to get it done.


I agree with what you say. Even something as simple as taking a day off on election days (for those who can) and providing transportation to voters who have a difficult time getting to the polls, will make a difference.


Hopefully we will see some new Democrats after the primaries. But even if we don’t see much change, remember that there is not much they can do until they have the numbers in Congress. Sending as many Republicans packing is the necessary first step. Also the Administration needs to be sent a very clear message! The Democrats may not be a “Dream Team” in November, but they are our best chance of defeating a truly Nightmare Republican Team. The stakes are way too high to disengage and not vote.


If taking our country back amounts to returning it to the Democrats, count me out.

Their coalition is so big, it’s meaningless. Unless you’re a corporate donor.


Sorry to hear that, but it’s your vote to use as you see fit. I respect your opinion, but will continue to hope that you reconsider.


Republicans pretending to be Democrats took over the party leadership. We could pretend to be Republicans and take over theirs.


Right, providing transportation is important. So is donating money if you can, phone banking, going door to door, etc. If people don’t get that this election is important they will never get it.


100% agreement from me.


Anybody serious about turning things around first needs to make LANGUAGE a key tactic like the GOP has created language that defines issues for the past four decades.

Democrats and even some progressives continue to lend credence to GOP language by not creating their own language.

Current examples:

Quit using the terms “GOP tax cuts, Trump tax cuts”. Call the Inequality Exacerbation Act (disguised as tax cuts) exactly what it is.

Its not a “government shutdown caused by Democrats”, its a Government Trumpdown. Trump needs to take ownership of his actions.


No! The cynicism and disengagement that you feel, while understandable, is exactly what they want you to do. We must resist, and stay engaged!


I agree. From my perspective, if anything should tell us that the corrupt, democratic party cannot be reformed in any meaningful way… it was the last election!


During WW-II, We the People had one goal. To defeat and see the end of Nazism, Fascism and Imperial Japan’s expansion. We devoted ourselves to the cause. We salvaged, we went without, we grew our own Victory Gardens, we shared, we helped. We lost a generation to the task, and in the end, we succeeded, or so we thought.
*Now we have become 1930’s Germany. We are numbly treading the same path that almost allowed Hitler to achieve his goal.
*The only chance of survival we have is to unite as we did during WW-II to destroy the enemy. Our goal need not be violent, if We the People will join together and act as one, to achieve the goal of ridding ourselves of the Duopoly and its Masters and reclaim the Constitution and Bill of Rights which served us so well for over two centuries.
*England has two major Parties, which have often changed leadership, but it is often no more than a new shade of lipstick on the pig.
*Occasionally, the British People get sick of this and form a Coalition to take control of the government. It has worked a number of times.
*We talk of a coalition of Democrats (who are owned by the Oligarchy) that must be supported to defeat the coalition of Republicans (also owned by the Oligarchy). In the end, whichever wins, We the People come out of it poorer, sicker and less free.
*If We the People were to join our one hundred plus little parties into a coalition of the willing, dedicated to reclaiming our nation, that coalition would number in the tens, perhaps hundreds, of millions of people who are fed up and want their country back. Remember? The nation with a Constitution and Bill of Rights which were designed to protect us. Not a document of torture, imprisonment, hate, racism, misogamy and greed that is the illegal, unconstitutional and misnamed Patriot Act and the additional documents that have been introduced to replace them.
*We could turn the “D’s” and “R’s” into minority parties which, combined together out in the open, could not match the real power of We the People.
*In my opinion, that is a lot more worth trying than to try to get either one of the wealth controlled parties to actually represent us rather than their paymasters.