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Onetime Rival Endorses Ellison for DNC Chair


Onetime Rival Endorses Ellison for DNC Chair

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Dropping out of the race to lead the Democratic National Committee (DNC), New Hampshire party chair Ray Buckley threw his support behind progressive rival Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.).


Next week. Finally.


It'll be interesting to see if the establishment is successful inserting Perez thus sealing the fate of the Democrats. There's a reason 14 million members have left the party since the election. Really good essay here on Dem party problems: https://theintercept.com/2017/02/09/tom-perez-apologizes-for-telling-the-truth-showing-why-democrats-flaws-urgently-need-attention/


It is highly significant that Labor is backing Keith, effectively moving to the left. It means the piecards are feeling the heat from the bottom, and Bernie generated that heat.


14 million have not left the Democratic Party since the election. Maybe you're talking about the millions of dead people Trump says voted for Clinton.


Yes, it will be most interesting. Part of the establishment believes it is necessary to move left to keep the Democratic Party in the game, but the other part argues that the establishment's approach to politics can is basically sound. They believe that they could elect Cory Booker in 2020. They are probably right, but of course their approach to governance would fail, paving the way for another right wing regime. The fascist danger will increase.


"14 million members have left the party since the election."

I have never heard that. Do you have a cite for that?


14 million democrats have left their party? That is good news if true. Link please.


Cory Booker? Blech. He's one of the 14 democrats to vote against Sanders' amendment to allow cheaper drugs to be imported from Canada - the vast majority of which were produced here. Why? he's another corporate neoliberal on the Big Pharma dole...


You should actually read the amendment and not what people keep saying about it. Too many people haven't read it and don't even bother to understand it. Instructions to the Republican Chair in conference does not a law make. Look it up: it's SA 178. I've posted it here numerous times, but it might be worth doing your own research over to see if it actually did do anything regarding drug imports. You'll realize quickly some writers don't know what the hell they're talking about.


Ellison showed his true colors when he said at a DNC candidate forum that he wanted to make nice-nice with billionaire Zionist extremist Haim Saban. Unless the Democrats swear-off billionaire donors - especially Zionist ones who want to kill Palestinians and expel them from what's left of their land - then those of us truly on the left will leave. The Green Party welcomes us with open arms, and WILL NOT TAKE BILLIONAIRE (or even millionaire) MONEY!

At this point, I don't expect Ellison to win the chairmanship. I think the fix is in for Obama/Clinton faction shill Tom Perez, who came into the race late, when it looked like Ellison would upset the chummy DLC apple cart. The Clinton/DLC people are not going to give up their grip on control of the party, so the rest of us can leave them to go down with their sinking ship. It is time for the corporately-controlled Democrats to dry up and go away, to be replaced by the truly common people-run Green Party. #Demexit.


Hope Ellison is elected, but this party is not renowned for its honesty and fair dealings with those who even look like they are challenging the corporate trough so loved by its establishment - look at its current power structure in Congress. After such a obviously corrupt primary and defeat in the general, on the national and state level, the usual leadership was reinstated without question and is fighting furiously to remain in control. If Ellison is elected, that is one an important step on reinventing a rotten and sinking ship, but for all of our interests let's hope this old decrepit vessel can be turned around and refitted to actually work for the progressive change demanded for the possibility of survival.


Dude, nobody cares about the DNC Chair except for the Left constantly looking for saboteurs in its midst. The question is, are you willing to work for your local Democratic candidate in 2018? Because that's who you will theoretically be voting for, unless you want to vote Republican or third party (which the Republican would appreciate). If not, who gives a damn.

By the way, Perez has impeccable credentials. He's run large organizations, rebuilt the civil rights division of the Justice Department, and was the most progressive labor secretary in a generation. You should read about him before calling him a neoliberal sellout. He or Ellison would be excellent. I only give Perez a slight edge for his experience and not being in Congress already.


The democrats have already done what they do best, show their hand. By their choices of Schumer and Pelosi to continue being the faces of their party,
It should be abundantly clear that since the Great Debacle of 2016 they still do not recognize the problem. Their plan, if you can call it that, continues to be, let Trump and the GOP run the nation into the ground, and then hope that by 2020 most of the democratic voters of the US will have long since forgotten that their party lost not because the other side had better ideas and better politicians, but because they can no longer draw a discernible distinction between either party. And in a political world like that, the party with the most fervent voter base will always win.
Once again, The USA didn't vote for Donald Trump. Less people voted for him than did for the awful Mittens. No, what they did was not vote for Hillary Clinton. There is no reason that a democratic candidate for POTUS shouldn't receive at least 8 to 10 million more votes than any republican. Yet, because they have drifted to the right for the last 40 years, and have completely alienated the most liberal voters, the democrats no longer feel that it's even necessary to play to the Left. Their pathetic plan has been to wait out the great demographic change in the nation, try to win the White House, and legislate through the courts. However, they drastically underestimated just how far they could push the faithful, and of course they radically underestimated the GOP and Koch brothers ability to win states and launch the most effective voter suppression drive in American political history.
The hapless and helpless democrats now have nothing to do but sit on their thumbs and wait for an opportunity to clean up the mess that the GOP is now making of America. But since they seem unwilling to make even a rudamentary change in how thier party is run, they will be powerless to stop or fix anything the GOP inflicts on us.


Loser argument. Do what I'm planning to do on the 15th and head over to your local Democratic Club. I want my Tea-tard Republican Congressman out of Congress. As much as marching' s fun, and bitching on forums is useful, that ain't going to remove his vote in Congress. That's what needs to happen if I want to protect the environment and ultimately get a more progressive budget through Congress. Otherwise, I'm complaining, which is exactly all that the Republican leadership wants me to do.


I voted for Ellison a long time ago, but now I'm not sure what he intends to do to "rebuild" the party.

Now that we have a real fascist government in place, Democrats have an excuse to move even further right than Clinton would have taken them, while being careful to continue to pay lip service to the fringe social issues, and the majority of Democrat voters will accept that it's the realistic, pragmatic, and correct thing to do.

Sanders for the most part energized independents, former Democrats and young people with no affiliation. The corporate Democratic establishment in Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Wall Street will never stand by and watch while Democrats become Social Democrats.


That all depends on who we elect to Congress. FDR didn't do what he did on his own; LBJ had a 295 seat House majority and a 68 seat Senate majority. What can be accomplished is a function of what you control and how many members you have to sustain that control. It also is a function of your coalition and how unified it is. To read CD, we are ready for a revolution without a not-near majority electorate to have it. We are also ready to jettison impure allies at a quick clip. That ain't gonna do anything or accomplish much.


> That all depends on who we elect to Congress

We will elect Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, et al, of course. They're not "pure," and they can win. Who cares what we get for a government as long as we win? Rah.


NEA backed Hillary very early on, and without polling members. Now they back Ellison. It seems what the Dems are focused on is winning elections, re-writing some of the superficial script, but not on transforming themselves.


I fear that you are correct. The Dems have shown no willingness to see the writing on the wall--for example, last month my own Cantwell and Murray voted to block importation of cheaper Canadian pharmaceuticals. They have not bothered to justify their votes, and I am certain they fear no reprisals. The party will never allow a progressive to primary a sitting congressperson, no matter how corrupt.

As you say, the Dems can sit on their hands, slightly change the key of the tune they whistle, mention the working class a few more times, and presto, step right back into power after the Trump crash. They are too entrenched to change.