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Only 9 Percent of Fortune 500 Companies Have Shared GOP Tax Cut Windfall With Workers: Analysis

Only 9 Percent of Fortune 500 Companies Have Shared GOP Tax Cut Windfall With Workers: Analysis

Jon Queally, staff writer

Less than ten percent of the nation's wealthiest and most-profitable companies have shared any of the financial benefits they received from a massive corporate tax cut provided by President Donald Trump and Republicans, a new analysis released Tuesday shows.


You would think rich people like the two in the pic would be content just living in their guarded mansions, but they have the audacity to get involved with government. What’s worse is the working class people who voted for billionaire Trump. What morons. It’s like voting for the despicable royalty in The Hunger Games.

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WOW! Who’d a thunk it? And Wall mart closing all Sam’s clubs.

Or choosing the guillotine or the noose.

I do agree that this new tax cut law will not help the average worker/people of America but aren’t we a little to quick to rain on this parade. Let’s wait a few months to see how it works out as not all corporations can act so quickly or aren’t announcing their
new wage for their workers.

Yes, I know we can’t trust repugs but lets not get that reputation also.

Much too time consuming.

Single bullet to the back of the head is all they deserve.

Rubber bullet of course. :wink:

Last week the complaint was only 2% of companies did anything. Today it’s 9%. Most companies don’t pay their bonuses until the end of February or even March. Most companies don’t make pay adjustments until the end of the first quarter.

As @jujudahl said, let’s see what happens first. Jumping the gun just means you have to repeatedly walk things back.

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Tax cut windfall? Time to slop them hogs again? This is why the rich like the Republican Party so much.

Why waste a good rubber bullet when there’s more rock salt available than dirt. Two barrells of rock salt from a 12 guage shotgun at close range to the plump drerriere of a CEO will have him/her figitting in their big padded office chair for months😁!!! Hey it used to keep kids from stealing watermelons from the melon patch so it should be good at showing rich CEOs that we don’t cotton to them not sharing their windfall from the repukes as well.

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I added the word “rubber” so as to not seem too overtly violent. Reason I added the :wink:

You have some good ideas mate.