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“Only A Matter of Time” Before Category 6 Hurricane Hits U.S.

“Only A Matter of Time” Before Category 6 Hurricane Hits U.S.

Andy Rowell

As I write, Typhoon Mangkhut and Hurricane Florence are still making waves on different continents leaving millions of people to pick up the cost of these two destructive storms.

Three feet and up is the new normal for rainfall during hurricanes.

The new normal will be four feet in a decade (or less).

If you like chaos, you’re gonna love the new, new normal.


What the author doesn’t bring up is huge rainfall amounts aren’t always from hurricanes. I’ve lived in hurricane country since 1973, been through 8 hurricanes of cat. 2 or greater, and the most rainfall I’ve seen is 46 in. in a 48 hr. period. That amount was from a low level tropical storm. There was a small amount of flooding in the usual places, but for the most part our soils can handle it, in most areas of the country, this would have been devastating. Warmer temperatures are going to increase the number of these events, as well as hurricanes.


Capitalists are already salivating at the prospect of all that potential for “profit”.
Huge swaths of land suddenly abandoned, massive demand for a variety of cheaply procured goods, concrete holes in the ground selling for millions and just imagine the kinds of laws one could pass while everyone are distracted…

IIRC, hurricanes get their energy from water vapor in the atmosphere condensing to liquid water (raindrops),
so 10% more moisture in the air also implies 10% more potential energy to power the hurricanes’ winds.  Of course the whole situation is so complicated that no-one can predict exactly where or when these hurricanes will happen.  Will areas currently experiencing droughts become tropical rain-forests 100 years from now?   Only The Shadow (and maybe Mother Nature) really knows . . .


Where’s the Cat 6 that will hit the W. House head on?

Thankfully We won’t be here in 100 years.

Let the Rich have all the Coastal Land they can buy! Great investment!

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It has actually been a great investment since there are still morons forking out millions for beach front property all around the word, but of course this won’t be limited to coastal cities.
Do you know what the capitalist response to the melting polar ice caps have been? They opened up new shipping lanes and tourist cruises.

To Hell with just the White House — what is needed is a Cat 6 hurricane hitting a joint session of Congress while Presidunce Tweetle-Dumb, his entire Cabinet, most of the Sub-Prime Kourt, 100% of the 'Poop-Lickens and 90% of the Damnocrats, and of course the heads of all the major Multi-NaZional Korporations – including Amazon, Facebook and Twitter – are all in attendance.

(Decency missed a BIG chance several years ago, when a tactical nuke dropped on the Koch kompound could have eradicated a good two-thirds to three-quarters of the worst of the western oilogarchs when they met with Mim Rottney & Co. to support his campaign for the presiduncy.   IIRC, it was during the summer of 2012, but my memory is beginning to fade.)