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Only a Reckoning With the Disastrous Legacy of the So-called 'War on Terror' Can Heal the United States

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/23/only-reckoning-disastrous-legacy-so-called-war-terror-can-heal-united-states


When Uncle Sam finds its founders ideals and replaces the “war on terror” with a “war on error” steeped in serious self-introspection, it may just find itself on a path to where it belongs. I thought Bernie had the best ideas as to how to get this done, but that was yesterday, and yesterday’s gone. No more war, by US or proxy, nor for the duplicitous Israeli Holy Terror Machine In The Name Of This Land Is Mine… Peace, it does a Planet Good!


“Send lawyers, guns and money. The shit has hit the fan.” - Warren Zevon


“A review of post-9/11 antiterrorism policy would help expose the folly of seeking security through repression, whether at home or abroad.”

With respect to the author and the sensible, sane plans for reconciliation he lays out, repression at home and abroad is the purpose of the war on terror. Why on earth would our government stop to examine the illegality and consequences of this program, especially when they are just about to succeed in bringing it home for domestic consumption?

Yes we need everything the author outlines here. But to ask the current purveyors of this endless war to do any of it seems, frankly, delusional. Name me the congressman or senator or president to be that would ever undertake such a monumental task. One does not exist. And when they appear, they are crushed.


Good comment. No pundit or establishment political personage ever dares go deep enough into the rot that defines US politics these days.

We need to work to replace the corrupt US system with a new system, not based in the legacies of colonization and white supremacy (at least this author gives a nod to “roots going back into centuries of white supremacist politics”); based not on on neoliberalism, libertarian license, ruthless individualism, and the rule of capital; but based on democracy and accountability, and more fundamentally, based on ecological integrity and social good.

Struggling to somehow “right this ship” is a hopeless struggle. Sink this ship, and float a new boat.


The war on terror has provided cover to go against Israel’s adversaries like Iraq, Syria, and Iran, offered a measure of additional control over Middle East oil, with big profits for armaments producers to boot. It hasn’t been good for much else, has it?

This must have been foreseeable by William Kristol and Robert Kagan: they’re high school graduates (or better).


My junior high PE teacher had a plaque on her office wall which read:

“Never feel worthless.
You can always serve
as a bad example.”

The sole worth of U.S. “leadership” on a global scale is that of a bad example.


Like that will happen any time soon and then be forgotten. Biden as President won’t convict himself and Obama of crimes against humanity. Bernie might of? he did not vote for those wars. Bernie would of done a lot of good policy but dem elitists put up their favorite neoliberals. Get rid of dem party during the next four years or at least get a viable 3rd party so the people will have choices.
But I voted Biden as I did not want trump.


They would have to convict Bush, Clinton and Carter, too, because they are all guilty of war crimes by the
U S’s own standards set during the Nuremberg and Tokyo trials.

Unfortunately endless war and having to be the world’s police force have become so endemic in our country that now a huge swath of our economy is based on maintaining this status quo. The 9/11 attacks were really what turned war into a financial goldmine for many of our politicians because it gave them an excuse to spend enormous amounts of money on defense which they were invested in in one way or the other. This is the “military industrial complex” that the hypocritical Eisenhower - who was a war criminal himself - warned us about. I doubt the politicians who are benefiting financially from this are going to want to ever give this up and have such a review as suggested in this article.


“We’re am empire now.” -Turdblossom Rove

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“Only a Reckoning With the Disastrous Legacy of the So-called ‘War on Terror’ Can Heal the United States”

This can only happen when the majority of Americans educate themselves about what happened that day, and stop believing the “official story”. Until then the carnage will continue.

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LOTE voting will not get us out of this mess.


Follow the money.

In reality, the so-called “War on Terror” is actually a war for profit. The very definition of the word ‘war’ was subverted
a state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations

In no way were the actions of those fanatics who perpetrated the events of 9/11 a war, they were, in reality, a criminal act, as much as the actions of Timothy McVeigh were the same.

Imagine , please, if , instead of seeing enormous profit for the MIC, we used law enforcement, including Interpol to bring the perpetrators who survived to justice…Tens of billions saved, hundreds of thousands still alive, our repute still intact…


Without a war the economy will tank. Lol!

Duss has some good ideas, but does not go deep enough to enter on a practical resolution.

The “war on terror” had been the “war on communism” back into the 1940’s, and with circumstantial interruptions back into Woodrow Wilson’s reign. Before that it had been a war on “barbarians” and “heathens,” and for “civilization.”

The entire hierarchy beholden to trade in arms and drugs and bodies has to be supplanted or displaced by something else.

Maybe there is a reason that no one playing around inside the system is ready to do this.


The narrative need to be changed from a war on terror to: A WAR OF AMERICAN TERROR!


“…U.S. foreign policy never recovered from the war on terror.”


U.S. foreign policy never recovered from its war of terror


It is a shame that we often need a war to get out of a deflationary recession. How can we stimulate our economy when needed without wasting so much not only money but also lives.

We consistently called it a war on terror. I do not doubt that many who got caught in it and hurt suspected it was more a war of terror than a war on terror.

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